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Bitches Leave, the new Package tune

Enjoy! Best when heard with earphones or on a nice stereo. Computer speakers are ok, but hardly the right method.

Also, I added the lyrics for Howard Phillips and a new better mix of the song here:
It is me. I'm the singer! However, that's Micah's silky smooth mutant voice doing the spoken word at the end of 'Bitches'.

It's funny, you'll call his number and hear his voice mail and I've never heard someone trying so hard to sound seductive before.

It works for him, because he has Sweet Belt.

I still can't help but laugh.

Anyway, whether people like it or not... it's me doing the mouthing on Package songs.
Hey,i didnt know you were in a band nick.thats kinda cool.


Well I'm a mushroom-cloud-laying motherfucker, motherfucker! Everytime my fingers touch brain I'm Superfly TNT, I'm the Guns of the Navarone!

"Muff diving without The Pussy Snorkel is like scuba diving without air tanks!"
The first thing that popped into my head when I heard the song was the game Interstate 76.

My DVD Collection
Great new tunes. I got to admit that when I heard the title was Bitches Leave, that wasn't the type of song I was expecting. Love it though.

I also found some of the other tracks up on March of the Hellions is one of the coolest instrumentals I've heard in a long time. It has a nice moody feel to it.

Well, the MP3 page has some stuff we don't want to do yet, but the stuff on the Package site's all approved.

People, listen to 'Bitches'. You'll enjoy.
s'good stuff. I especially like the bitches leave part.
Didn't even realize this one was going up.

As for my voice mail, Nick...I only do it to seduce YOU.
I feel so funky.

Props to Grandmaster Nick and Package for layin' down such phat beats. And damn Micah if you aren't one suave motherf*cker!

Daaaamn right. Package is great! You hear me? You guys are great!
Translation: Steve rules.
that is rockin!

I'm gonna punch your momma in the mouth.
bitches leave.
Play that one at the end of a party.

Bitches Leeave!

I'm gonna punch your momma in the mouth.
I'm gonna try and get my friend to play it on the radio, this song rocks.

Now that's a song.

Great job, guys.

"I am very much the reverse of what you say so cruelly - O Jude, it was cruel to say that! Yet I can't tell you the truth - I should shock you by letting you know how I give way to my impulses, and how much I feel that I shouldn't have been provided with attractiveness unless it were meant to be exercised! Some women's love of being loved is insatiable; and so, often, is their love of loving; and in the last case they may find that they can't give it continuously to the chamber-officer appointed by the bishop's license to receive it. But you are so straightforward, Jude, that you can't understand me!" - Sue Bridehead
I'm typing as I listen.

Cool drum intro. Sounds like Rollins.
Cool wah! This is so 70's!! Ha, this is absolutely fantastic! The harmonies are awesome! I can't believe how funny and clever and genius this is! It's like Peter Frampton doing a John Shaft impression.

Song over. That's cool, sucka! I pity the fool that mess with Package!

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"Hold onta' ya' butts!'

Download this! I'm stunned at how many people who have so many posts on here have never heard Package.

No excuse for you!

Bitches Leave is one the BEST total band efforts from Package. EVERYONE stands out on this song.

You owe it to somebody to download this...

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It's the song I do the least on. Coincidence?
Less is more sometimes.
It's one of my favorites, too.

But all should fear tummy rape.
All should fear my powerful Package drumming and bass line. And, any resemblance to 70's porn is A-OK in my book.

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That song is tough!

Nick you are the Buckaroo Banzai of the next millenium.
Dick Jones! I work for Dick Jones!

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