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CHUD Adventures in the ATL
I had fun at the Lebowski party (although only 4 of us showed), missed out on the LOTR movie viewing group (damn you, work!), and enjoyed "Don't Worry...".

Any upcoming events to be shared by the ATL crew?
Jacob Singer mentioned a Longhorn event.
I am all over a Longhorn event. I supported myself through college by working at, and borrowing food from, a Longhorn and am always up for an opportunity to repay them a little.

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I ran out of passes for that one pretty quick. The last batch went out today!
Yes! Nick, I know you're a busy busy fella, but e-mail me when you get a chance and I'll give you my phone number so we can set it up.

And the Atlanta forum is a great idea, by the way.
Amazingly, I have never been to Longhorn. I've been to Outback, Killer Creek, Chops, Stoney River (My fav), and Stockyard Prime, but never Longhorn.
Longhorn's pretty good, but I really just go there for convenience's sake, as it's pretty close to my apartment. I've come to know the staff pretty well, and they treat us great. Plus they make a damn fine vodka martini.
The only negative is the shitey country music you have to put up with. Although, depending on how the stars align, the waitresses are pretty cute, I must say.

Oh yeah, and the food's good as well.
Yeah, the music bites big time, but on Saturdays Penny usually turns it down for us. I almost always get a booth in the bar area and check out a game on tv while we eat.

Their ribs are pretty damn good most of the time, as well as the N.Y. strips and filets. I wish they had a better selection of appetizers, but it IS a chain restaurant...
The music at Longhorn is complete ass.

They get it on mix cd's from their corportate headquarters once a month. You think its bad dealing with it while you eat? Try putting up with the same 70 minutes of music for around 30 hours a week. It was the cruelest and most unusual form of punishment I have ever experienced. By the end of the month, those horrid songs would be etched in my memory and if I happened to hear it somewhere outside of work I would automatically start singing along to myself.

Country music will always make me think of Longhorn.
Well, I was gonna pay for the whole shebang, kinda as my holiday gift to CHUD. Which means we'll probably do it at the one close to me, where I know the staff. I hope that won't be a pain for everyone-it's not too hard to get to. I'll have more info as soon as Nick gets his e-mail probs addressed...

Mmm, steak...

<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Pamelish:
If that is the case, I'm there too....

Look at that! At the mention of a free meal Pamelish comes out of nowhere! Pam are you a lurker now? You show at one coffee meeting then you disappear for a year.

I like this diner idea so count me in. The last dinner we had was fun. I'd love to have an Atlanta Oscar Party is anyone has some ideas on that.

Great idea for the Atlanta Forum Nick. If this would have existed a week ago I would have posted info on the need for extras in the movie that was shooting here last week.

<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Hobbs70:
I'd love to have an Atlanta Oscar Party is anyone has some ideas on that.

My sister and I hosted our first Oscar party last year at her house in Virginia Highlands and it was a lot of fun. We are planning another one for this year, though planning comes after the noms are announced on February 9th, because last year we had themed food that related to the nominees.

Some of the items on last year's menu included:

Fruitus Maximus
(A BIG bowl of fruit for the health conscious)

Crouching Pig, Hidden (in a) Blanket
(This needs no explanation)

Pollock's Popcorn
(this was popcorn with caramel drizzled on top to simulate the way Mr. Pollock painted)

O Brother, Where Art Cow and Sow?
(this was Roast Beef and Ham for sandwiches)

You Can Count on Me cookies
(cookies shaped like numbers)

We had lots more other themed foods; I just can't remember them all. If anyone is interested in joining us, I will post more later. If you are interested in helping us host or would like to help us by providing some of the themed food, let me know. We all know money doesn't grow on trees and this party ended up costing us over $100 and any monetary help is welcome if you would like to attend.

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You guys be careful if A Beautiful Mind is nominated. And if Ray Liotta shows up ...

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