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Sandman-The Movie
When in HELL is this going to happen?

The technology exists to create a totally CG Dreaming and insert actors seemlessly into the action. "Preludes and Nocturnes" has it all-sex, drugs, lesbians, rock and roll...why isn't it out yet.

Directors, anyone? Terry Gilliam but NOT Tim Burton. He'd fuck it up BIG time. I also think Fincher might be able to handle it.

Casting? All I know is that they MUST get Anna Paquin as Death. That's it. Period.

Old school Burton would have been fine, but he's been in a hell of a slump lately.
I love Sandman. That's why I wouldn't want to see it as a movie.

Jesus, look what almost happened to Hellblazer with Nick Cage?!?!?

It's too huge and imaginative and personal a vision to let even a talented filmmaker touch it. It would just be awful.

Let well enough alone.

Despite my love of this comic (and it being the first comic that came to mind that would be better than any stupid fishmen character comics) and all of Neil Gaiman's work, I doubt this could ever translate well to film. Its too surreal and intangible. It would only serve to piss off most of the loyal fans and perhaps (god forbid) make Sandman trendy to the goth kids.
I heard Neil Gaiman is going to direct Death: the High Cost of Living sometime in the future... Would that be a better idea than Sandman? I'm not completely sure it will work. Gaiman has never directed anything before, so it could be bad. I'm thinking Stephen King and Maximum Overdrive... (Shudder)
I have nothing but faith in Mr. Gaiman's directing abilities. Just so long as they get Anna Paquin or Eliza Dushku to play Death.
"Nothing but faith" in a truly inexperienced director, as long as he limits himself to a very narrow choice of performers to satisfy you?

This should never, ever be made into a film. I just re-read all of them from front to back again and am more sure of this now than ever before.

A film couldn't do these ideas justice.
I agree, Big Black; as unfilmable as WATCHMEN, though if someone as clever as Anthony Minghella could find a way to make cinematic the essence of Gaiman's epic..... it'd take a brash, literate, insane genius to pull it off.

And a self-destructive studio to front the money; ergo, no, it'll never happen.

I think these could make a good movie in an ideal world, but since we live in the real world the movie would dissappoint a lot of readers.
Sandman is an amazing, AMAZING comic. It deals with so much, and is so surreal it blows my mind. It would make a beautiful film, BUT no one is good enough to pull it off. Not a single director, or writer could come close to doing it justice. I really cool idea though. If I had 3 movie wishes one would be for this movie made to perfection.
What would your two other movie wishes be? Just curious...
good question.

As I said in another post, a good Dune movie, and it's sequals. It could be done right... At least I think.

The other one would probably be a wish for spiderman sequals all to be as good as the first, and never go downhill. I love spiderman, and don't want it butchered like batman

Joseph Gordon-Levitt just quit Sandman, citing differences with New Line who took over from Warner Bros:


 "A few months ago, I came to realize that the folks at New Line and I just don’t see eye to eye on what makes Sandman special, and what a film adaptation could/should be. So unfortunately, I decided to remove myself from the project. I wish nothing but the best for the team moving forward."


APraise Jeebus. Hopefully this project will be scrapped altogether.

That's true. Having one of the Final Destination writers onboard isn't really an inspiring sign.

AI just can't imagine having to choose what to keep and what to cut in order to squeeze any of Sandman's story arcs into a feature film. Make it a horror/fantasy anthology series on cable instead, and make the essential story arcs the season finales - imagine Rod Serling or the Crypt Keeper having to suspend their storytelling duties and serve as protagonists themselves from time to time.

This was quite a thread bump!

But yeah, Sandman is fundamentally not well suited to being a movie, or at least any kind of mainstream movie. Pretty sure most attempts so far have have been based on Preludes And Nocturnes, which makes sense because it's one of the more conventionally plotted story arcs, but it's also probably the least Sandmanny (and least good).

It could work on TV where it would have room to properly breath, but who'd give it the money it would need?

Adrian Brody was always my first pick for ol' Morpheus.


I dunno... a fully committed director, cast and crew in a LOTR-sized, LOTR-styled production and you could get something interesting done.

Maybe not something that will give a return on what would have to be a massive investment, but something interesting. Sandman is my favourite work of literature, so I'd be lying if I said I'd never thought of an unbelievably ambitious project to turn it into film.


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