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The Asian Films Thread (Beware: Long-ass thread)
Quick question: I'm not sure I've ever posted in here so forgive the intrusion, but I was wondering if anyone can recommend a definitive edition of Woo's BULLET IN THE HEAD? My now shut down local video store had a disc that included HEROES SHED NO TEARS, but I can't seem to find it on Amazon (maybe a bootleg??) Thinking of going with a reasonably priced Blu from about 5 years ago...

"Got concrete rhymes, been rappin' for ten years and

Even when I'm braggin', I'm bein' sincere"

"Teenage angst has paid off well/ Now I'm bored and old"

"Drunk as hell, but no throwin' up

Half way home and my pager still blowin' up"

"I'm tired of living all alone
yeah, nobody ever calls me on the phone
But when things start getting bad
I just play my music louder"

I'm curious about that myself. I spun my IVL Fortune Star All Region DVD not too long ago after recently re-watching THE DEER HUNTER and while the picture quality wasn't terrible, the subtitles were blurry as hell.
The most important thing in life is broads. Broads!
Here's some BULLET IN THE HEAD DVD comparisons. Remember DVDs?

I have a couple different BITH discs, myself (no blu yet, though): the Hong Kong Legends one, and one or maybe two more I can't recall but can look into later.
That Code of Bullets featurette is laughably shitty. I have the original Mega Star cheapo R0 as well. It really is an affront.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for an eventual Japanese Blu-Ray. The Japanese BR set for A BETTER TOMORROW 1-3 and THE KILLER had exclusive bonus content w/ some enlightening in-depth interviews (Woo even talked about KING'S RANSOM which he was getting ready to film w/ Chow Yun Fat and Nicholas Cage - a damn shame this never firmed up).
The most important thing in life is broads. Broads!
HEROES SHED NO TEARS is getting a new stateside blu next month (gotta believe price will come down soon):

Hope more classic Woo get upgrades.
If JUST HEROES can get a decent BR release I'd be happy.

I'd seen HEROES SHED NO TEARS once via Netflix almost 2 decades ago and the only part I can remember now is Eddy Ko punching Lam Ching Ying's eyeball out (okay not really but the way the fake blood/gore shot out the side of his head it kinda felt that way).
The most important thing in life is broads. Broads!

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