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The Weather

Originally Posted by stevehauk View Post

They've named this storm now!  BENJI.   When did we start naming snow events, like we do hurricanes?

They started this in November of 2012.


Woke up this morning and there was white everywhere. Thought my cocaine addiction had resurfaced but, no, apparently London (and the UK) has been hit by a snow storm.  Tomorrow's commute to work is going to be fun, seeing as I live in a country where the rail services annually say "We can't run half of our trains due to the snow" as though they were taken by surprise when it's virtually an annual event.


Does your snow have a name?! Huh? Does it?!


I have named it Joe Chill.

I hope you are happy now, Steve.


Did you register that name with the Met Office?

Using the interweb ('it's a series of tubes') I see you guys have a 'yellow alert' there, which I presume is a level of weather awareness.

There's an orange alert for Tuesday, is that worse than yellow, with red alert being I assume, Ragnarok.   Or a Klingon attack.

A 'yellow alert' here in US is not weather related, it's a 'kidnapped child' all points bulletin.

Here, after all the hubbub, we got a very lovely 2 inches, that gently fell all day. Roads and sidewalks were unaffected. very pleasant.


Just a quick note to all you east coast Chewers, good luck and stay safe and I hope all you and yours make it through this bomb cyclone polar vortex crazyness okay.


Originally Posted by Dalyn View Post

Just a quick note to all you east coast Chewers, good luck and stay safe and I hope all you and yours make it through this bomb cyclone polar vortex crazyness okay.

They could sure use some of that global warming right about now.


Part of me is taking a bit of delight at the fact that all of the snowbirds who went south for the Winter are getting some freezing temperatures.

That aside, be safe you guys.


It's currently snowing in Tallahassee, which is about four hours north of Orlando.  We've been getting rain all morning, but it's unlikely to be cold enough long enough at  a low enough altitude for us to get anything.  Still, in the 20s tonight with the wind chill.  Universal has closed Volcano Bay for the week and after being slammed yesterday, the parks are DEAD today.


Originally Posted by Richard Dickson View Post

the parks are DEAD today.



This winter storm now has a name


Looks like it's traveling north along North America just off shore.

New England,Boston, etc. will probably get slammed.

DC probably will get glancing blow, don't expect much. No ice, just snow.

Our big problem has been / will be the sub-zero cold.

We've had local water pipes burst, school and transport buses won't start.

This weekend it's supposed to be like 10 degrees here during the day,

and then windchill on top of that.

I don't even want to think about the grocery store, which will be filled with

panic buyers. As will gas stations. Our local weather folk hype up bad

weather to the max and it works up the great unwashed populace.

I keep a well stocked dry pantry, so I'm not worried, bring it on.


We might finally sneak into the 20s this weekend after residing in the sub zero zone since Christmas Day.


Lucky. It's been a blazing 45-50 here in Colorado for a few days. We had a quick snow and about 15 degrees F for a short bit. It's January. I wish it would drop back down. My inner mid-westerner needs it.


Whelp, NYC has officially closed public schools tomorrow in preparation for this thing. My kids are utterly thrilled.  I'll still be expected at work in Midtown Manhattan, so I'm not so pleased myself.

A[Image: 400]

From the window of a conference room at my office, 12 stories above Park Ave at 46th St. White-out conditions are starting.
AA nicer look at the “bomb cyclone” storm, from my walk to the subway this morning, in central Brooklyn:

[Image: 400]

[Image: 400]

Stay safe, Neil.  Same to everyone else in the middle of that storm.  We're just dealing with the crazy cold temperatures out here.


Thanks Booth!  Office closed early, I was home in Brooklyn by maybe 2:30 pm.  And then the shoveling/salting began!


Winter storm INGA plowing up the US east coast, from Texas and New Orleans all the way past me in DC, and pushing into New England.

Here, we got about an inch or two (oddly just what they predicted) during the night, and roads were cleared by rush hour, so no big deal.

But I'm seeing Weather Channel reports of people stuck in cars and dying of hypothermia, so I thot I'd call out to Chuddites--how ya doing?

ALooks like I might get to experience my first tornado tonight.

*frantically deletes search history*
AIf you end up surrounded by flying monkeys, you have my condolences.

Originally Posted by Jmurdoch View Post

If you end up surrounded by flying monkeys, you have my jealousy.



Currently in a snowstorm.  It's rather beautiful outside right now.


That's the same weather front that you guyz are in the north and southern ends of. It is heading east, and us in DC area expecting a bit of rain in the morning. It's been a weird winter so far with a couple days of below freezing temps and dustings of snow alternating with 70 degree spells. What is it Louis Black says "My balls can't take this punishment!".

AMultiple tornados did touch down. But I've escaped unscathed yet again. I can't stand it when there are tornados at night because not being able to see the thing freaks me the fuck out. My girlfriend and her kids were on the road at the time which had me on edge..

77º F here in Flowery Branch today, in mid-February.


Yesterday in MA it was 70 and sunny. Today it's 31 and snowing. Perfectly normal!


Yup.  Connecticut, currently 36 degrees and raining.


Originally Posted by levrock View Post

Today it's 31 and snowing.

How can the planet be warming up when it's snowing?!


I always complain how the DC area overreacts to weather. Today takes the cake.

Federal offices, schools closed

because it's windy!

OK, wind gusts of up to 60 miles per hour, some trees get knocked over onto roads,houses and power lines.

the sun is out and strong.

I guess the northeast is getting the worst of this named 'winter storm Riley'.

the weather channel has been entertaining with reporters out in the field getting pummeled by wind and driving rain.

I wonder how long till we get a reporter brained by flying debris on live TV...

AHave been in Baltimore visiting my mom in the hospital all week. Was very excited to finally head home to my wife and kids today. Was on a bus that left at 1:45. We’ve thus far made it about 50 miles in 2.5 hours and the driver just announced that whenever we get to the next exit we’re headed back to Baltimore... apparently these extreme wind conditions have caused the closure of bridges along the Route 95 northeast corridor.

This is brutal. Ugh. So wanted to go home.
AFuck you wind!

That damned bus from Baltimore to NY. I was on it for almost 7 hours only to end up right where I started at the Baltimore station. And it looks like everything, bus, train, rental car, is booked and gone for tomorrow. Fuck me, I’m never getting home!

This maybe should be in the Tired Shit thread.

Yeah, currently without power.  Multiple trees down in neighbor's yards.  And then a transformer explosion around the corner.  And then another a bit too close for comfort.


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