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"It's like a trainwreck..."
Here's another phrase I'd like a moratorium on. Most common usage is as an excuse for watching reality television. "'s so horrible, but you just can't stop watching." If you like something, just have the guts to admit that you like it.
It's cold and lonely...for the outlaw...
I'd like a moratorium on moratoriums.
This thread is funnier than a trainwreck.
Anyone actually been in a train wreck? A real one, not the kind found here these days?

I was.

On vacation. Actually it was more like a mine car derailment. Parents and I were going sight seeing in a working coal mine.

The train jumped tracks and sandwiched me between itself and the cavern wall. At about 30 miles and hour.

Unfortunately for certain people here...I lived.

My helmet...didn't. I still have the pieces...
Django: On the day we started Ragnarok, I was told you left the boards (again?). In the group emails and the Questions thread, I continued to check and see if you were still up for participating.

Seeing you around in posts lately has left me confused. You still have a character, and I can still work you in... let me know. Know that I did not mean to leave you behind.
Oooo...wayta derail a train wreck thread!

Blank Kronos, Big Time TV
Oooo...wayta derail a train wreck thread!

Oh, it's such an obvious fate for it, Z-Man HAD to see it coming.

Perhaps there's a light at the end of the tunnel that this thread has become......
I see that light.

My's full of stars...
No, the light at the end of the tunnel is an oncoming train!



"Is this thing on?"
No, but you turned me on.
Doesn't this belong in the Sex forum?
Not yet. I'll do my djamnedest to keep it free from Shelby's Pleasure Palace and Chinese Take-Out.

But you never know these days.

Course I imagine something will come along to take our happy lil' thread out back and open both barrels on it shortly.

And yea, I'd surely mourn the loss of my life had I not known I was dead already...
Does anyone else imagine STAR CHAMBER's posts in that voice of the Master Control Program computer from Tron?

...end of line.
Every damned time. I thought it was just me!

I can run things 900 - 1200 times better than any human...
I'm stil turned on here folks!

I actually LIKE using that sentence and get a few laughs out of at least once or twice a week. Plus, it's just amusing to watch something go horribly wrong and to imagine all the objects/people in front of you as a trainwreck.
Okay. If Star Chamber is Master Control Program...who's Sark?

And which of us free range programs are TRON?

Me? I'm Flynn. I'm a User. My mission is to fuck shit up.

"Oh man, this isn't happening, it only thinks it's happening..."

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