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Spoiler Support Group
The thread for people who want to avoid spoilers, but find themselves lacking the willpower, to support each other.

From now to October 10, I'm going cold turkey on Kill Bill spoilers. I've read the script, so I know most of the story anyway, but I don't want to know any more details. Specifically, I'm not looking at the soundtrack listings. I don't want to know what song plays over the credits. I want it to be a surprise. But it's gonna be hard not to look at that for 34 days.
I've looked at some caps from the new teaser trailer, but I'm otherwise clean on the last Matrix movie. I'm finding it relatively easy to stay away from spoilers on that one.

I'm having a harder time with Episode III. It's impossible to click away any time I see Carl replying to an Episode III thread. He's the damn devil.
Yeah, I held out several days on that last CHUD article for ep 3, then I caved.
I try to steer away from spoilers, but ALWAYS end up getting spoiled, even though I try not to.
After the last two SW films, I'm all spoiler for Ep 3.

Revolutions on the other hand I avoid spoilers like the plague, I don't even like reading cast comments.

But, spoilers are so hard to ignore. It's like shaking your presents at Christmas or any other present receiving holiday, you just can't help it.
Anyone with Dawn of the Dead remake spoilers, please feel free to slug them my way.

I've managed to be strong for Ep3, although most movie sites tend to give a few things away even when they're trying to be good. I think I'm going to go all the way with this one.

Somehow I decided to avoid VAN HELSING spoilers too. Even I think that's dumb, but oh well.

Been trying to avoid info on a few games, but the pull is way way too strong. DOOM III and DEUS EX 2... man, I'd love to go into those without any clue about any thing. Fooey.

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