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CHUD CITY - Read this first
Thanks all. You guys are the best. I'll do everything I can to help until you guys decide I'm too big of a wanker to be left alive. I'm starting a fresh thread so that we can nail down a schedule.

OK. Here's a rough schedule, so that this doesn't run in fourty directions at once:

1) People can suggest names until Friday. Name suggestions will not be accepted on Saturday. I will select the top 20 or more names (I know this is arbitrary, but we are all voting on something like 600 names if we don't pare them down a little), and post them on Saturday as a separate thread. On Monday, the winner will be announced.
2) I will be collecting the landmark suggestions until Monday. On Monday the suggestions will be stopped for a while. At this point there are already a ton of great suggestions for landmarks. We will post them on Tuesday (and Rath, you are a god for volunteering to do the Bible), and the next step will be:
3) Short descriptions of the landmarks. The ones that are either suggested by more than one person or are popular (who wouldn't want to describe "Uncle" Mitch's Library or the creepy house on the hill?) should be given a short description. However, there will be a few rules about these (especially if you, the writer, are going to use something specific in a story).
4) I’m starting a separate post for the location discussion, CHUD CITY – Location, Location, Location. I would like all locational feedback here, so that I can be a fair judge of what you, the writers, want to do.
4) The rules of the city will be posted as a part of the site. This will be the start of the Bible of the City, and will be the first place that writers should look, just to see what is allowed or not allowed. It will also clarify some of the questions that I’ve already seen cropping up here, including how we treat people’s ownership of landmarks. See the post “CHUD CITY – What do we do with all these landmarks?” The first commandments will be posted for discussion tomorrow on this board, somewhere as a separate post. Please let me do this, as I’m working on this even as I type and have dinner. We will use the boards for discussion, so that the site postings are clear and fair.
5) Cartography will be worried about later. Let’s get a name and some landmarks, and I’ll figure out a fair and equitable way to make it work.
6) Characters - Can't I deal with these next week? *whine* Actually, many of the best characters will come from the stories you write, so I'm not worrying about them right now. (Dibs on the weird old lady with all the cats!)
7) Timelines - See number six!

Let's go!

BTW: Poxy! Thank you for a fantastic idea! I'll kill you later for all the work I have to do. *grin*
I'm toying with the idea of recreating CHUD City (whichever name it ends up with) via the NeverWinter Nights Toolset. I know it won't be a contemporary rendering of it. However, I'm fairly certain I can create a reasonable 'fantasy' facsimile. It will be a long standing project as it will be a while before I have a basis to go on. But it could turn out fairly cool.

Anyone have any issues with this?
Tindalos, that is a GREAT idea! I definitely have no issues with it.

I actually did a test working with the toolset. One of my first quest involving a helpless actress named Linda screaming: "There's a wild Fandjango the auditorium!"

Basicallly, I was doing a small town where all the "evil" characters had Chewers' references.
Hmm, I can't think of anyone whose name would be good for a villain.... wink
Believe me, this certain "anyone" is quite evil.
Very well then. As soon as the name and a few landmarks are decided upon I'll get to work.
Too cool for words. I'll be posting "rules" for landmarks tonight, after filling up on the obligatory barbeque.
"Tonight" meaning "tomorrow night." Very long day for her. Don't ask what happened at the BBQ.*

*We just told the police it was "Long Pork." Because it tasted like chicken, then got confused and went away.
I love 'long pork'! Save me some!

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