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Still can't access CHUD Stories
Every link I click on takes me to a "This Page Is Not Available" error message. I've tried links from the main page, from Creature Corner, from this message board - it's driving me nuts. I've emptied my browser cache, refreshed the page, everything I can think of.

I've got a great idea for a story as well, but I want to read the guidelines before I start hammering the keys to make sure I get it right.

Any help gratefully received.
Dan, it's still propegating. Try for now

Nick Nunziata:
Dan, it's still propegating. Try for now

Aaah, of course it is. If I'd used my brain I'd have realised that. I'll keep trying until it makes it's way across the Atlantic. At least I know it's worth the wait!
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>
Bingo! Got it. Tons of good stuff by the looks of it. I'll get my thoughts together and send over a pitch for my story.

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