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The Steady Leak Discussion
The daily (Mon-Fri) Piss & Vinegar column begins today. I need to get this thread started now so I can link to it from the article.
I was wondering when we were gonna get a new P&V and now the sucker's gonna be daily? Jesus, Nick. Why are you so mad?

I wish I had enough wit and bile to spew out editorials daily. I guess that's why you're the top dog, Nick.
Daily? Fuck. Yes.
Prior Piss & Vinegar columns can be found RIGHT HERE .
That's a cool mix of writing. It's always interesting and somewhat frightening to get a look at your mail. Thanks for providing a link to fulfill all my Brett Ratner needs, too. Looking forward to more of these.
Off to a good start. Including regular letters from retards is a great idea. Cool.
Loved the column! Little bit of new stuff, looking back at some old stuff, and a letters section. Great read! Loved the dictionary at the end of the column. Thankfully I wasn't drinking anything at the time.

Looking forward to tomorrow's edition. Keep up the great work!
Great stuff. I agree 100% on "Rounders", such a great film. The letters column was my favorite part of your IGN run, I'm glad to see it making a comeback here.
"Q: The Winged Serpent - To ask a question to a thrown snake as it passes."

F'n great.

Anyway, good stuff, Nick. Like the letters column a lot. I recently bought the feature-free DVD of "Rounders". I love the shate out of it, but, hopefully, due to it's increasing popularity (and the increasing popularity of "Hold'em"Wink, we'll be seeing a special edition of it sometime soon.
I'm gonna be looking forward to these. And while the slang is hilarious, I can't see myself using it in day-to-day conversation. Also, I find it ineresting that you see others seeing your humor as "pop culture references out the ass", which is weird because while I would attribute that to folks like Joss Whedon or Kevin Smith, I would say that your sense of humor is something completely unique. I have never met anyone else with such a vast dictionary of obscure character actors and the rare ability to make up hilarious compound words.

Also, you can expect an e-mail from me defending Firefly.
I just checked the contributing sources. 100,000 bonus points.
Favorite part is definitely the letters. I enjoy reading rants and raves as much as the next guy, I guess it's not particularly different from what we get here on the boards. Whereas these letters are more of a one-on-one type of dialog.
Having a Sitdown with Don Swayze.

That's gold.
I concur.

That section, by far was my favorite part of this new column.
This stuff is great! Nick, you're just too cool. Funny as hell too! You always give us chewers a good laugh. As if CHUD wasn't the best thing keeping me sane at work, now it will be even better. I Watch Dailies With Lord Joel all the time, most likely more than I should, but whoopity doo.

I've always been curious about Rounders. Now I'll have to check it out for sure.

"Q: The Winged Serpent"


I addressed the Firefly bit over in the (somewhat) official Firefly thread, copied and pasted for your "pleasure:"


I saw an entire episode of Buffy for the first time late this summer. Having said that, I think I fall into the camp of people who are not die-hard fans of the show due to Whedon loyalism. It's not like a lot of people are singing its praises just for the hell of it. It really is a phenomenal show, and it's very encouraging to see a lot of people reactly strongly to the DVD set. It will be nice to see the series explode after it was cancelled, just like Star Trek. It will especially be worthy of note considering this is infinitely better than that series.

The letters column is an amusing riff on the back page of a lot of great comics. Hold the torch high, because most of them have abandoned this great concept. I'm sure it will discourage others from sending hate mail your way in fear of the eventual self-loathing that will occur after you make them look stupid. Keep up the good work.
How the hell did I let Rounders slip past my radar? Thanks for the recommendation Nick, the DVD will soon be rented.
Great articles, Nick, and I think from all the response that CHUD's been past-due for a letters column. I think there should maybe be at least one "craziest, most fucked-up letter of the week" sort of thing as well...
The letters section was always one of my favorite parts of IGN DVD so I'm happy to see it finding a place on CHUD. The column looks great so far, and I think it will do a great job of bringing some more of Nick's presence and humor back into the main site, which is a good thing.
Awesome awesome awesome stuff Nick. I loved these monthly, and it's even better to see em daily! The letters part should be really funny.
The Calibos Taliban made me spit Gatorade across the room.
I'm hardly closeted in my love of Clash of the Titans, but I'd gladly join the Calibos Taliban. There's nothing more badass than a stop-motion horned dude with a pitchfork hand. Rawk on...
To be fair to Firefly, it's hard to build a television audience when your network airs the series premiere 3 months after the show actually starts.

Considering it was a Fox show I'll just have to be glad they didn't shorten the name to 'FF' and force Joss to cast the fat, obnixious fiance as comic relief. It's the little victories that mean the most.
I raved about the Poster attack stuff but THIS is by far the best...

Can't pick a favorite part because I love all of it.

Thanks Nick
Is that Ratner site real? Even if it is, the usage of exclamations is pure comedy gold!

This ought to be a fine addition to the site, particularly for the slow news days. It'll be tough to do it daily, but I think you can pull it off easily. Keep up the good work, and beware the Calibos Taliban.

Oh, and thanks for the heads-up on Rounders. I just checked up the cast listing and want to know why the hell I missed out on it.
Nick, I love your use and abuse of the English language. You should write hardboiled crime fiction. Keep it up, and count me entertained.
A welcome edition to say the least Nick. This will be a tasty treat to read daily.
Going straight to video...

That's my kind of humor. Great read, and I'm looking forward to more.
Loved your responses to the letters. Great new column, but where can I sign up for 'Nunziata Time Management 101'?

You must have learned your sleep techniques from the Batman.
New column's halfway done. Letters column will be a very big chunk of text every day it appears.

Originally posted by Sproing
Nick, I love your use and abuse of the English language. You should write hardboiled crime fiction. Keep it up, and count me entertained.

Actually, that sounds like a really good fit. I'd buy a NN-penned comedy/crime pulp.

The new CHUD slang is hi-larious.
Well, it's just WEEKDAYS but I plan to honor it.

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