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The Steady Leak Discussion

Originally posted by Kirby Drummond
The overrated section, eh. I enjoy Nick's writing much more when it's directed outward and stays away from all that Chud versus the world garbage. Criticism is part of being in a creative field. There's far too much discussion of it.

Bloodsport, Jesus, that was a sweet film. Why don't they make movies like that anymore? The "fun" films section was the most spot-on Vinegar. It's so true, no fun films get made anymore.

Hey, I have to do these every day so I need to be able to be a little playful. I got a spate of "You're Overrated" emails over the past two days that were funny and I felt it'd be fun to address it. I don't want to limit the column to one thing and in fact plan to have a few that have no logic or point at all. I will try to keep it fun and remotely worthwhile.
Yeah, not liking WHAS -- boo.
Hey! You fuckers are the reason I bought it.
With all the whacked out shit you find funny and you don't find that movie funny? Come on! Perhaps the hype killed it. I saw it so so cold. Dev was the only person I knew who saw it I think when I got the DVD.
It's better than Super Troopers, which is admittedly pretty funny. Paul Rudd sells everything.
Rudd's great. Merloni's better. It was just too disjointed.
Rudd is tops.

Disjointed --- that's part of the charm.

Typhoid Mary - Tara Reid.


As she will now be named on the Chud Boards for all of eternity!

Keep up the great and steady stream!

Originally posted by Nick Nunziata
Hey! You fuckers are the reason I bought it.

Ditto. I didn't care for it much either. I really tried to like it, but it just left me cold.
Wholeheartedly agree with the "fun movies" sentiments (except I liked Wet Hot American Summer). Moreover, I'm just pissed at the lack of attention given to comedies the last few years. Nearly all of them fall in the teen gross-out, romantic, or popular comedic performer who ensures ticket sales placed in moderately amusing situation (Sandler, Stiller, Farrell, Carrey) category. Most of those movies are mediocre at best.

Not alot of comedies came out last year that played specifically for laughs, and A Mighty Wind was the only one I thought was genuinely funny. The rest only had moments, and that's just fucking sad.

Where's all the true comedy filmmakers today? Monty Python, Mel Brooks, and the Zucker brothers are well past their prime. The folks from SNL and SCTV seem to only put together greatness when Christopher Guest is around, so who's picking up the slack? Parker and Stone? Good luck finding a studio with the balls to let them do what they want. Bob and David/Mr. Show? Lucky if Run Ronnie Run didn't neuter any future projects. Broken Lizard? Depends on Club Dread.

What you've got left is the Farelly Brothers - the only straight comedy filmmakers who don't seem to have problems getting their movies made. And I don't they've got nearly enough in them to hold up an entire genre.
Wet Hot American Summer must be watched over and over until love happens. The old-time commedian who MCs the talent show is now my favorite part of the movie. Good stuff, Nick. I don't know how you're going to keep it up. More power to you, though. Actually, more power to me. You don't get no powers!

Originally posted by Charles B
Ditto. I didn't care for it much either. I really tried to like it, but it just left me cold.


Wet Hot American Summer

There's your problem right there.
Maybe I'll be lucky and Guy Ritchie'll do a semi-remake....
The projectile throat comic is going to be my new wallpaper. Seriously.

I wish I lived in Atlanta. I'd ask to be on the softball team. We'd kick ass with me kicking ass with you.
I've said it before and i'll say it again. When it comes to spewing vitriol no one is better than Ol' Saint Nick
Today's is the best one yet. I hope you're not getting tired of them.

Originally posted by Sammy Jankis
Today's is the best one yet. I hope you're not getting tired of them.

Nah. I just want tons of feedback.
Well I'll be more specific then.

I really like the sectionswhere you blast an individual topic. Those are fun reads. I've been thinking about my complaint about the letters, and it's not that there are too many, it's just the formatting issues (which seem to have been addressed) and the fact that some of them are just boring. I don't think you can trust the general public to ask 100% entertaining questions. You have to cut some.

I'd like to see a blast at a movie or two, a la movie microscope (I miss those), but in general, it's nice to see daily content just for the website. More freqent updates is a welcome change, and when they're good on top of that, it's like icing (the cake kind, which is good; not the hockey kind, which is bad).

Keep up the good work.

Oh, and you're overrated.
It's in our hands, Chewers. You and me need to get cracking. In fact, I'd bet dollars to doughnuts that I can hand pick about 25 people off the message boards and a few friends in the online film community and create a new studio that'd make the fat cats shit in their hats. Does anyone have a few million bucks to spare?

There's more truth to this than anything I've read on either the boards or main in the five years I've been here.

Wonder if it rings true for anyone else...
A little late but what the hell. Great job with your take on Hollywood or films just not being as fun as they use to be. I love some of those 80's classics from Cannon. I mean these movies were almost pure genius they were so bad. In a related story I watched Crocodile 2 on the scifi channel the other night and haven't laughed that hard in a long time. Awful stuff recommended.

PS I felt the exact same way Django. Truer words have rarely been spoken.
Did you doctor that picture of Will Smith? Cause he looks a lot like DeathLok there...
No doctoring.
"In Turnaround" - nice. There's coffee all over my screen now. (Sorry Will, I know it's a sin)
"Fuck-Trophy". Shame on you, Nick.

Ok, it made me laugh. Erm, nevermind...

Originally posted by kittyinjammies
"Fuck-Trophy". Shame on you, Nick.

Ok, it made me laugh. Erm, nevermind...

It's not my term. A friend used it when I worked in the restaurant business and it stuck with me.
You should have it embroidered on her christening gown.
Or a sweet little silk pillow to put in her crib...
I must agree. Fuck-trohpy. It may replace the Scotland, Pa's "Little fuckas Pat, little fuckas" as a reference for children.
I love it, Nick. Hope you keep this up! Bravo!
Friday afternoon begins the slow period on the site, but hopefully more of you screamers who haven't piped up will.
I dig, but I thought you were going to go into ticket prices there when you started on the Hollywood Mendoza Line.

I was hoping for some venting on the rising cost of films. Movie studios have been making more than they ever have yet they pull the wool over our eyes and tell us they need to increase prices.

It's just like baseball.

And the whole piracy thing? Fuck em. I see no good to come of it. Fuck you for downloading films. There's no justification.

Originally posted by Nick Nunziata
Friday afternoon begins the slow period on the site, but hopefully more of you screamers who haven't piped up will.

I'm not a screamer... I'm a heavy breather.
Irrelevant: everytime I see this thread or article, I think it says either the Streaky Leak or the Steaky Leak.

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