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Hey Ya, CB
Sorry if OFN, I thought it was funny.
I don't know why I had to watch the whole thing. I just couldn't stop.

The "what's cooler than being cool......ICE COLD" part is genius.
Ok, I hate this song, but that was pretty funny.
That was AWESOME.
So, the first time I clicked the link, it worked, but then I wanted to show my brother, and when I clicked it again, it takes me to that dreadful "forbidden" page. What's up with that? Why doesn't it work anymore?
I'd guess because their asking not to be sued in the end credits didn't quite work. They probably got a request to remove their movie once Outkast and/or the Schulz family got a hold of the link.
that's what I thought. that sucks...that thing was funny.

New link.
This song was offically over when it appeared on that bastion-of-hate, the Kidz Bop 5 CD. When I wanna hear pre-pubesent children singing Outkast is the day I will have a tag on my toe.
It's a damn shame, I liked that song before everyone and their mother (quite literally) started singing it.

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