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The Official Box Office Thread
Well, like a true Grindhouse film it looks like Tarantino & Rodriguez's little experiment is going to have to settle for just as much attention from mainstream audiences. Kind of sad, but certainly not unexpected, seeing the film in a wild and packed Drafthouse on can certainly distort one's view on a macro level.

Originally Posted by Micah Robinson

Is the opening weekend gross even going to cover prints & advertising for this film?


Originally Posted by Clarence Beaks

Herr Dellamorte knows more about box office than you.

Obviously not.
And where are your guesstimates?
Haven't been this disappointed in a first-week take since Vice, last summer.
I was on such a high Friday night, seeing that sold out theater, thinking "this one is going to do thrity million easy." So the late night Friday showings were apparently the pinnacle.

Originally Posted by Andre Dellamorte

And where are your guesstimates?

Ooh, I want to answer this. Moreso because I got something right than to bust your balls, Andre. It's easy to see why you went high on Grindhouse. Here's a March 25 post I made at, a box office site:


Originally Posted by The Dark Shape at WorldofKJ

I'm gonna go on record right now -- I think Grindhouse disappoints. Not an out and out bomb, but it looks very goofy, and I don't know a single person who wants to see it. It's kind of the reverse 300. There, everyone thought the style and effects looked cool. Here, it's comical.

Dellamorte makes you look stupid again.
The Hoax also opens wider this weekend, though it probably wont come close to the top ten because people don't like good movies.
Unless it's a big expansion run, ala a Pan's Labyrinth roll out, or the Borat strategy, I probably won't mention it, like Black Book's addition of a couple more screens.
I really wish Grindhouse had done better. I want to see some sequels. This is so disappointing.
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