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Question about submitting a story
I have a short (2,200 word) science fiction story that I have completed and was wondering If CHUDstories puts up regular, non horror, sci-fi fantasy stuff.
Ayep...there was a brief-lived section to the SciFighter called BackSpace, which was the scifi version of Creature Features, before it all got rolled into by Nick.

Basically, if it's speculative fiction, which is essentially horror, scifi, fantasy, and twilight zone type stuff...then we accept it.
Uh, Michael? Remember that "grabbing the bull by the balls" comment that was made awhile back?'s holding them?

The last thing I see listed is Scott's last submission. Am I missing a link or sumpthin'?
Our editor, I believe, is in the middle of finals hell, and is hence scarce.
Wish him luck.
Good luck!
It's too bad chudstories isn't kept in better order- you figure, if there's any better place to persuade someone to read your schlocky horror story, it would be here- Imagine if it were the well-oiled machine it could be.
We don't have to imagine, we know, from the past.

The problem is that this job, for free, takes a hell of alot out of you. One of my favourite part-time editors, who used to run Mind's Eye Fiction, was paid, got to work with the likes of Ellison, Saberhagen, and King, and eventually got out. Our folks are volunteers, and have lives outside of this...they simply donate their time to help with what is, essentially, a variation on a writer's group. It's grinding...being one of the first editors on the site, I know this first hand.
Add to this the fact that until Nick tossed Dave Davis at us, we had no updater besides Nick...who is/was/willALWAYSbe exceedingly busy.

So, once again...any qualified volunteers? It's not a thankless job, just a less visible one.
Out of the dark depths of the textbook and the latenight cram arrose the unshaven beast. His bloodshot eyes and unkempt hair belied the horrors he had seen and the magnitude of the unseemly knowledge that lay beneath the surface. He groaned and shook off the tattered remnants of classnotes, flashcards, and pensil shavings and took a look at the world around him. He was alone in the editing world... and the mountain was high.

All that to say that finals are done and I'm ready to begin. Actually, Finals have been done for like 2 weeks, I've been hibernating. I think I'll do some work on stories....
Is CHUDStories still running? I have a friend who may want to submit a story.
Unbreathless posted this on the 18th:
"well, seeing as I have to proof it all on my lonesome, not too long.

My rule will be: If I can read it all in one sitting, it's good. But if I have to put it down and take a break, you've made it too long.

So keep that in mind."

So I'd guess a yes.

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