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English Weather
What the FUCK is going on? Torrential rain, followed by blistering sunshine, followed by rain, followed by burning sunshine, followed by epic Hammer Horror thunderstorm. Repeat every single day until September. It's weird.
It's been doing the same down here in Bristol. Just nutso weather.
I have a lovely view of Highgate and Hampstead from my crappy flat, and you can see the weather move across North West London. Terrifying. Them clouds is huge and fast.
The weather has always been a little wacky in England, we know that. But maybe it is getting wackier. Maybe we only have 20 habitable years left on this island.
Should i start a thread about the best way to make tea?
Its just the same here across the border in Wales!!! I think we must be in the End Days or something, im waiting for the 7 plagues!
It's been really very nice this week-end. I don't like the heat too much, and this last week-end has been...pleasant. very settled. Beautiful sunsets from my window too.
I heard they have Hurricane Charlie over in Ireland right now though. Us Brits should be thankful.
So where's everyone from, then? Middlesbrough here. Stop sneering, it's not half as bad as it's made out. Anyway, yeah the weather has been crazy, it's like tropical weather. Without the obvious bonus of it being tropical.

And regarding tea, I recently visited America, and bloody hell, when I asked for a tea the answer was 'iced, sweetened, or unsweetened?'. 'What?' I inocently replied, confounded by all these options. 'I just want a normal cup of tea, you know, with milk in?'. 'You put CREAM in TEA?' they answered, aghast. This is where I settled for a coke.

Yanks, eh?
Bristol here. Cold, cold Bristol.
just across from Charles B in Kairdiff
I do not miss the old British weather one bit. I love the weather here in Texas ( but not the bloody mossies ), although it can be pretty bloody changeable. I remember telling my aunt on the phone one day back in March that it was 75F on the Sunday afternoon, then frosty on Monday morning ! Weird.

I do miss the long summer evenings though, my wife thought that was great the first time she visited England.

Oh yeah, originally from Tewkesbury in Glos by the way.
I think America is a nice place to visit, but I couldn't handle living there. The culture annoys me too much.
OK you can all stop moaning about British weather - we have just experienced Hurricane Ivan here in the Cayman Islands !! I have just been able to get back on line to return to Chud - wind gusts of 208 mph and only just got water back on (still no power at the house) after 18 days. Anyway i can get some idea of wahts going on in the outside world on the site !! But the generator runs the DVD plaeyer so its movie night under the stars for evryone at my apartment complex.......

raising from the earth and shaking the dust off after a 12 year slumber..

So, I'm half-watching the local news this morning and I catch bits of a report that the UK has released their new list of names for storms that'll be used for the next 12 months.

I thot that funny, but realized we have names for hurricanes, and other sections of the planet name their typhoons and cyclones, but surely that extreme of violent event doesn't happen around the UK.

It seems a storm will be named when it is deemed potentially able to have a substantial impact on the UK or Ireland. heavy snow and rain may be taken into account when deciding whether a storm should be given a human name, although it will still need to be suitably windy.

I saw a comic on a comedy game show, I think it was Johnny Vega, who said the storms should be called by evil/dark names--' Storm Ivan is pummeling Blackpool' rather than 'evacuations ordered ahead of storm  Bob  .

The new list will be applied to storms between 1 October and September next year.

The full list of the names is: Angus, Barbara, Conor, Doris, Ewan, Fleur, Gabriel, Holly, Ivor, Jacqui, Kamil, Louise, Malcolm, Natalie, Oisin, Penelope, Robert, Susan, Thomas, Valerie and Wilbert.


Steve, your local news service covers a very large area indeed.


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