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CELLULAR discussion
I saw the film earlier this evening at a screening. The film was enjoyable in parts, but overall it was not as exciting as I had anticipated. Kim Basinger really gave a bad performance and Chris Evans needs to work some more on his acting before he headlines a film. William H. Macy was wasted in a role as an aging policeman. The bad guys were one-note and ultimately the film fell apart despite jumping right into the story in the first five minutes. I guess I was expecting a lot more action and less drama, but I got the opposite. Also, the film tried too hard to be funny, so as a result, the jokes fell flat.

6.7 out of 10
Jason Statham and Jessica Biel have me the least bit curious. Otherwise I would skip it. HMMM....Jessica Biel.
If you're going in for Jessica Biel...stay home. She's in the movie all of 3 minutes.
Yeah, Biel is completely wasted in this film. And Statham didn't seem to be the least bit intimidating to me.
Kirk Honeycutt's review of this film is "right on the money."
It's just about right down the middle over at Rotten Tomatoes:

A.O. Scott's review summed it up well:

It's an honest, unpretentious, well-made B picture with a clever, silly premise, a handful of sly, unassuming performances and enough car chases, decent jokes and swervy plot complications to make the price of the ticket seem like a decent bargain.

I say Cellular is this year's Italian Job in that it'll be a sleeper success. Interesting that Statham is in both of them.
Italian Job was only a sleeper because of summer dollars and the "hipness" of having a car chase with Minis (I personally felt like I was watching an overproduced wind-up car race). I doubt Cellular will have the longevity to become a sleeper hit, especially with the vast amount of indifference the film was released with.

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