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Jackson's King Kong
Hadn't seen a thread for this yet, but I wanted to hear what the Chewers thought so far. As for myself, this is one of my most anticipated films of the next few years. I'm interested to see what kind of approach PJ will use for this film. I doubt it will have too many heavy-handed moments like LOTR did, and hopefully will include some old school PJ macabre slapstick with Jack Black. And a jaw dropping, rampaging Kong vs dinosaur fight. AND Naomi Watts being hot in period costumes.
Even before LORD OF THE RINGS, I was saying a new PJ film was a sure thing.

The trend continues.
Do we really need another version though?

Much as a i respect his other work and am confident he will do another good job i would have preferd he tried something knew. Having said that im keen to see how he handles it.
If you haven't seen a thread for this yet, then you aren't really looking.

At any rate, I don't mind seeing this film made. I haven't seen the orginal in at least ten years, and I'm waiting for DVD to see it again, so I have no real attachment to it.

Jackson wowed me three times in a row with LOTR so I'll give it a go.
With PJ, I almost have the feeling that the entertainment world almost owes this remake to him for bringing LOTR to the big screen and making them all worthwhile films in their own right. I've watched many old interviews with PJ and he'd almost always talk about how he made a King Kong movie with a Super 8 camera when he was still a kid. Being a big fan of his past works too (Bad Taste, Brain Dead etc.) there's almost no doubt in my mind that this will be a worthy remake, and one that I actually look forward to seeing.

Originally Posted by H_West_Fan

Being a big fan of his past works too (Brain Damage )

I said this in another thread, but I think it bares repeating. This isn't a remake in any meaningful sense. The visual feel of the movie will be so radically different that it makes more sense to call it an adaptation from one medium to another. PJ's King Kong will look NOTHING like the original. It's taking the ideas from the original movie, and reinvisioning them using modern, vastly more advanced techniques. Its not just the "same old thing," if that's how some of you are thinking of it. It will be more similar to the Jurassic Park movies than any King Kong movie. And the characters look to be fairly different too (despite the same names).

Originally Posted by fabfunk


Think he meant Brain Dead.
Actually I meant Dead Alive, which is the same movie as Brain Dead. Sorry for the confusion...I'll fix that mistake.
The link to the video diary on the front page looks to be messed up at the moment. Here it is.
I love the video update, especially since we get to see Jack Black and Naomi Watts in costume.

I'll be anxious to see this.
I like her hat. She's really just too cute.

Also I'm really glad that Peter Jackson as started with these video journals right from the get go. I think it's a really smart move on his part and very indicative of someone who has a really good sense of how to reach his audience.

I'm pretty excited about this movie. I was never a really big Kong fan to begin with so my feathers aren't ruffled by the idea of remaking it. And besides, I happen to agree with the poster above; this really more of an adaptation than a simple remake. I know that sounds like semantics, but I can't see classifying this with other film remakes, Paramount's constant remakes for example. Though I can't really say what it is that sets them apart. The level of artisty maybe, or the affection for the original?
Considering I even have love for the Bridges-Lange remake from ther seventies, I look forward to this with baited breath.

In a perfect world, every xmas would bring us a new PJ feature treat

Big apes rule.

PJ doing THE big ape owns my arse and every other part of my personage.
I guess i expected something......different from Jackson. Do we really need King Kong remade? I'm sure he'll do a find job and i find myself wanting to learn to more, i guess it will be pretty cool when it hits theaters in dec 05'.

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