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UNLEASHED discussion
I really have a good feeling about this one.

Hopefully Jet Li pulls a good acting job with this movie. I could feel one was coming with Kiss of the Dragon but it never went through as much as I hoped and became fairly medicore.
"Danny had been cruelly raised by his master, Bart (Bob Hoskins), to be a fighter in illegal fight clubs, where he makes a bank as the undisputed champion. When Bart is incapacitated after a car accident, Danny is taken in by a blind piano tuner (Morgan Freeman) who is being pursued by some bad guys after learning a dangerous secret. And that's where the fisticuffs come in!"

Quite possibly the greatest synopsis of all time.

Hoskins and Besson have me there opening night with bells on.
Saw the trailer in front of Shaun. Really cool looking, then it thudded with the most anti-climactic, poorly chosen, obviously changed (I knew the old one) title ever. "Unleashed"? How uninspired is that?
It looks good to me. Wo Ping + Jet Li should equal gold.

Looks like some rough and tumble shit in there, with a few wire here and there.
This movie is really getting to me...

I think I'm getting the fear.

I need to see the trailer, though.
Howie Mandel did a movie like this. I hope this is better.
this looks cool

tha6t howie mandel movie was asstastic

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