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I saw this last night and I gotta say that I...kinda liked it. Now the first two Blade films are minor classics and have certainly gotten a sort of cult following that is well deserved I would say. Is this film as good as the others? No...but it sure as shit is not a flat out bad movie as some people say. Personally I don't think the action sequences were as muddled as some may have found them. I thought the opening fight/chase sequence was one the best things about the movie. I also thought the ending was more climactic than in Blade 2, one of the few areas this film exceeds Del Toro's sequel. I really liked the addition of Biel(insert Homer Simpson drool here) and Reynolds. He really does steal many of his scenes. Again, some people say that Blade feels like a sidekick in his own movie and I don't agree with that either. He still IS the center of attention. In fact I thought I read somewhere that the actual time Blade is on screen is only like three or four minutes less than in the other movies. Yeah Parker Posey hams it up WAY too much, Dominic Purcell is bland as Dracula, but thankfully he is not involved all that much. Triple H is most certainly unimpressive in this movie. What other people saw in his role I don't. The Rock he is not. Basically I think that while this is the most flawed of the trilogy I think it is worth a look...and don't agree that it is anywhere close to being as bad as other third installments in superhero franchises as some have stated(not on this board per se) like Batman Forever or ...ugh...Superman 3.
Overall IMO-A Generous 7/10
(Blade-8, Blade 2-7.5)
Overall Blade 3 was an entertaining film. But I do have a few issues with it. I loved the Hannibal King character but I think he had way too many oneliners. Abigal and Hannibal for the most part didn't seem to have a problem fighting vamps in hand to hand combat eventhough the vamps as established in the first two films are much more stronger than humans. The whole Ipod thing killed me, would you really want to go into combat with somebody whose got loud music pumping through their ears?? But I like I said the film was still lots of fun. I loved the vampire pooches!
Richard Roxbury & Domenic Purcell need to go back to gay porn.

Only 2 good things in this entire movie

1. Jessica's hip hugger pants

2. Blade giving the FBI guy 20 seconds to run then counting! Shooting him in the back.
Terrible. Very disappointing. Reynolds' smart-ass just about the only high point.
Okay, I've seen the flick now three times and I'll tell you what. The first time, I was heavily disappointed. Now?

Blade: Trinity is absolutely GREAT. In an 80ies Commando style.

It's such a great symbiose of serious action and super stupidity, the sound is fucking great and the actors absolutely nail their roles. Parker Posey (who I hated in Scream 3) is brilliant as the thundercunt, it's a frickin joy seeing Blade kicking all sorts of ass with his samurai discipline- Jessica convinces and looks hot at the same time and Van Wilder's oneliners are bad. And get better each time. The first time you go WTF? like he goes when he sees the vampire pomeranian - just like the audience after seeing the flick for a first time. Whistler's lines are pure GOLD, the vampire dogs scene is WTFtastic (wasn't that the same set from the Catwoman showdown? - geekgasm),

Of course Dracula sucks. A medieval superpimp whimp that runs away and tries to out-Riddick Vin Diesel, how cool is that ? "Are you ready?" "I was born ready, motherfucker!" "Motherfucker? I like that!"

The only thing that still sucks is Natasha Lyonne as a blind (!) computer programmer. Even Triple H as one H enchman is good in a Bond right hand villain style.

Just don't expect a serious or cool Blade flick. Expect a super campy oneliner fest with "ridiculous cocksuckerpunch" written all over it. You'll love it.

Best popcorn flick of the year.
While I would not say it is the best popcorn flick of the year I enjoyed it, and grow fonder of it the more I think about it. It is certainly a different Blade film, and I feel it is a shame that more people are not giving it a shot at the theater. At least it will likely do boffo business on the DVD market.
what a piece of shit, whereas the first one was a heroin-chic, cold-blooded, style-fest (sorry if that sentence was an over-wrought, hyphen-overload), and the second was a grand, euro-gothic comic book bloodbath, this was a flat, lifeless, cheap looking mess .and it seems it was made completely without a production designer, cause there were no cool sets or style anywhere to be seen, the fight between triple H and reynolds seemed like it took place in someone's garage. oh and how about the ever human-loving whistler, who blows away twenty innocent police officers with multiple shotguns just to avoid being arrested. or that blade's last line in the movie was "motherfucker!" and then the movie went on another 15 minutes without another word from him. yeah great way to end the whole thing. the first two also had villains that were worth even acknowledging the existence of. dracula was so lame and uninspired, and at the end went from looking like a soul calibur character to an angel bad-guy. if this movie was good for one thing it was making the first two look like citizen kane in comparison.

yeah i kinda didnt like it.
I expected an awful film and thats not what I got. It was more enjoyable than I thought it'd be. Still its clearly the weakest of all the movies and a dissapointing capper to the series.

The good

-first 10 minutes
-Snipes as always nails this character and oozes coolness.
-Reynolds who was funny
-Biel who looked good and looked good and shot arrows decently

The bad

-Biel dancing with men and throwing Mike Tyson like fisticuffs trying to knockout people twice her size it was laughable and ridiculous. Buffy would have been proud no doubt.

-Pace felt quite off and the slowness of the middle took a lot of the momentum outa the film.
-Dracula they tried to pull it off but it didn't work clearly if Del Toro was the director the character would have worked better.
-Goyer's direction..too much music..too many editing tricks..not enough wide angle shots.. list goes on and on and he was clearly over his head here.
-The Action again Goyer's fault but it deserves its own mention because the first two set a high standard that only the Matrix films (in some ways) achieved. At least on US shores with a US production. Jeff Ward didn't come through however its possible the editing and camera angles ruined the MA sequences as well.
-The contact lenses they just stood out way too much.

Again I came away from this surprised but still letdown a bit. Supposedly Goyer had the whole Blade being hunted story for awhile and then fused that with the Dracula/Nightstalkers storyline and it just didn't come off. I liked the other idea of Blade surviving and the vamps ruling everything in a post apocolyptic Mad Max like world.
I just couldn't get over how much Dominic Purcell reminded me of Colin Farrell, I kept thinking Colin's in the wrong fucking film.

I enjoyed parts of Blade 3, the fight scene's were good and I agree with you on Biel's physical performance, her first fight scene was pretty good but by the end, she looked kind of stiff.
Purcell gets a pass from me. He wasn't anything close to Deacon Frost or Nomak for that matter but considering how Goyer handled things he could have been much worse. Roxburgh was worse and to say otherwise means some weren't paying attention to Van Helsing. Dracula didn't work at all but I thought Purcell did what he could and I too thought " WTF! " at him grabbing the baby.

Yeah Biel's intro was fine but way too much brawling for her. They should have just made her a vampire cuz her hands wouldn't be working after the punch combos she was landing throughout.
Oh definitely, Roxburgh is a ton worse than Purcell. The Drake character is written terribly, with dialogue I don't think anyone could make decent. Add on the gay wardrobe and there's not much the poor guy could have done.
#82 non-intentional comedy of the year.

Did anyone else stay to the end of the credits and see the extra 5 seconds? I didn't get it....WORD? Bwuh?
Liked it, but it had its problems.

I thought the complaints that "Ryan Reynolds stole the show" was nonsense, though. King was a thinly realized character, and Reynolds' delivery wasn't all that hot, either. I liked Biel more, but thought the pair made decent sidekicks.
I thought it was pretty horrible. I liked the first two, I like corny movies, but this just had nothing, except the gratuitous Jennifer Beal shower scene.

It just felt like a SCI-FI Channel\MTV production. It's like they thought, "Hey, if we make a scene in slow-motion and put loud music to it, its gotta be cool!" Well, no, they were wrong.
Gratuitous? It lingered a bit long sure but there wasn't any nudity or any of Jennifer Beals either sadly.
Maybe I imagined her breasts in there somewhere.......there was ass though!

It was an unneeded scene in the whole scheme of things, I thought. Then again, there was about an hour and a half of unneeded scenes in that movie.
No doubt it was unneeded and overwrought the same could be said for many a film.
I just saw the movie and I have to was decent. Like everyone else has said, it's definently the weakest of the 3 but not a totally bad movie (at least not to me). The ending was all wrong, and is the biggest let down for me. They make it seem as if there's going to be a sequel, but there won't be. I like Norrington's style the best because Blade 1 was definently the darkest in the Trilogy.

7/10...oh and don't hire David S. Goyer. He'll just fuck it all up!

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