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David Gordon Greene's Undertow
Supposedly, and finally, this film comes out in "select" (most likely NY/LA) theaters on Oct. 22.

Here's the trailer:

Malick is producing along with long-time Greene associate (and rather cool and personable) Lisa Muskat. That said, I was waiting for a Malick-Greene team up (the two have extremely similar visual styles and themes) and I guess this is the result.

I'm definitely interested, partly because I have yet to see a bad film from the young director and I truly believe that All The Real Girls was a great sprawling honest piece of film. So, taking a somewhat thrilling turn has me peaked a little to see what he's able to do with these characters in this setting, which appears to me he knows a little about.

Your thoughts? Did anyone from NYC check it out at the NYFF this year?
It hasn't played the public Fest yet, I don't think, but the press screening was today. I skipped it for a Mick Jagger press conference, but I hear it was good and that I would like it. I should be seeing it soon, though.
That trailer looked awesome. I really want to see this now.
Yeah, I've heard good things about this film and I believe it played at the Toronto Film Festival a couple of weeks ago.

I read about it when it was still filming in Savannah in the Georgia Film Commission newsletter.

I haven't see Jamie Bell in anything since his superb debut in 2000's Billy Elliot.

And I read somewhere that both Lucas and Mulroney both broke or cracked some ribs while filming a scene where they fight each other.
Well, it opens Friday, but I am wondering if anyone caught this at a press screening, the AFI fest, or maybe even at the NYFF this year. I'm still eagerly anticipating the film.

What strikes me most about Greene's work, much like Malick's, is the way he takes his time to set up situations, moments, glances. I really appreciate what he is trying to communicate because it is those instances that stick into my mind after seeing his films (so far), especially in George Washington.

Anyways, I can't wait.
Well, it's excellent. I caught it at the Savannah Film Festival last week. Jamie Bell is great, as is the boy, Devon Alan - who plays the sickly little brother. Good Philip Glass score. Visually unique - lots of freeze-frames...very French New Wave mixed with Dukes of Hazzard. I liked it a lot better than All the Real Girls. But then again, I also liked George Washington better than All the Real Girls.

Not that I necessarily have anything against All the Real Girls.

David Gordon Green is a cool dude, too.
There's a screening of this in Atlanta tonight. Unfortunately, I waited until too late to sign up.

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