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TARNATION discussion
This may not see all that many theaters, but it's showing in L.A. at the Nuart and is quite something to take in if only to watch a high school drama club version of "Blue Velvet" being done with songs by Marianne Faithful.

The scene where the director of the movie - as an 11 year-old boy - takes on the character of a sexually-abused 20-something blonde woman who has been roped to a bed and beaten over and over in front of her baby is very hard to take, however (something that happened to him, somewhat, when he was 4 and his mother was raped in front of him after she ran away from home with him and ended up on the streets of Chicago).

"Tarnation" is a rather odd film by writer/director/actor Jonathan Caouette who started making little short films generally starring himself when he was a little boy living with his grandparents in Texas after his schizophrenic mother started her life of floating in and out of mental hospitals. Caouette is a ridiculously fucked up kid, but he captured it all on film. As his life goes on, he continues to film himself, his mother and his grandparents and the result is an extremely stylized look at 20 years of his life trying to deal with his incredibly disturbed mother and his own possible mental illness.
Sounds great. I'll definitely be keeping my ear to the ground for this one.
Yeah, I read about the film last week:
It's playing at the Milwaukee Film Fest in two weeks so I'll be seeing it when it's there and have heard good things about it from Sundance.
I saw the trailer in front of HUCKABEE'S, not knowing what it was, and it was almost pornographically powerful. It really hit me hard. See it here...

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