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CARS: Pre-Release (Teaser) Discussion
CARS Teaser

Ok, I gotta agree with Devin, this teser does nothign at all for me. I mean I've loved Pixar's movies, but this looks like those crappy PBS cartoons like Thomas the Train and JayJay the Jetplane or whatever the hell that crap was.

This just looks like it's for 3-year olds, not "all-ages" like every other Pixar film.

Anyways, agree with me or tell me an idiot. I'm just the guy starting the thread.
Couldn't agree with you more. It really did remind me of Thomas the Tank Engine. I could almost hear Ringo Starr in the background!!!!
It didn't really get me all that excited.

But, it will feature the voice talent of Owen Wilson, Paul Newman, Bonnie Hunt, Larry the Cable Guy, Richard Petty and many more, so I will wait until a better trailer comes along before I choose whether to write it off or not.
The teaser is pretty "meh", but I am more optimistic about it than the other "cute kiddie" comedies that plauged the trailer line up--Madagascar, Chicken Little and most disgustingly, Racing Stripes.
Most of the teaser was the cars racing. I can see that in a racing game intro, so colour me unimpressed.

and the bug joke was too juvenile.
The conspiracy theorist in me is thinking this is a half-assed effort by pixar in an attempt to screw over Disney.
It left me pretty unimpressed as well, but it is pretty early. I'll wait until an actual trailer comes out.
That actually looks rather awful. I hope that it isn't nearly as bad as it looks.
I think it looks like it will be a well made flick, just not something geared toward our demographic. I'm going to withhold any further judgement until I see a real trailer.
Nothing happens. I can't form an opinion.

But Larry the Cable Guy needs to be stabbed in the face.
It was pretty uninspiring, but it may just be a throwaway that won't be in the finished film. Is this about NASCAR racing or what?
Pixar teasers are never actually used in the film and generally don't reveal too much about the plot. I always saw them as Pixar's first chance at really grabbing your attention, so they're gonna use whatever hooks they can. Don't give up hope till the full-length trailer is released.

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