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THE AVIATOR discussion (no spoilers)
Saw it last night. An absolutely terrific movie. From the gothic opening to the final haunting image, Scorsese is clearly back on form after the disappointing GONY. I think it's clear Scorsese was just prepping DiCaprio for this movie because he delivers a bravura performance here, from the fearless cocky, ballsy young man from the opening to the clearly losing touch with reality, man later on. He just hits on all fronts. Cate Blanchett a performance that's more than just an imitation because Hepburn's voice is so distinct you can't really get around it but she brought to her life, the scene on the golf course almost felt like one of Hepburn's classic screwball comedies, loved that famous laugh Blanchett just threw in while walking around the course, she wasn't giving him a moment to breathe, Hughes just stood back and watched in awe.

I loved the little touches throughout the film that indicated where Hughes neuroses were heading, little pieces of dialogue and action. The Hells Angels sequence was flat out fucking stunning and the XF-11 crash was one of the best action sequences all year, just great stuff.

In the end though, it was Scorsese's show and he delivers an epic homage to golden era Hollywood and the pioneering spirit of HH.

Is it just me or did anyone get a weird Brad Pitt vibe in watching DiCaprio's descent into madness in the small room?

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