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White Noise discussion
Not bad, actually. Basic. Unoriginal. But, there's some good shocks and it's well made.
i'm looking forward to this one, i thought the trailer was great, if the movie is as creepy as that trailer i'll be happy.
How's Keaton? I really want him to get a comeback, but I can't get too excited for this one.
I'm sorry I missed it - was at home prepping for the trip to CES. That's what DVD is for, though.
I agree with Nick's take. I think the ending could be better, but the movie was better than I thought it would be. I loved seeing all the ghost hunters at the screening and the ackward Q & A session by their leader.
Thanks for the passes.
I'm definitely checking this one out over the weekend. It seems like everyone who saw the film likes it at least a little bit, so that's a huge plus. I think Keaton is one of the most underrated actors out there, and I really hope this film makes a lot of money. I mean, if people will dish out money to see The Grudge, there shouldn't be any reason they won't dish out some money for what seems like a much better movie. We need more movies with this guy (and he needs to drop out of Herbie: Fully Loaded, although, it's far too late for that now).
glad to hear this turned out ok.
This subject matter and the shit I heard in the trailer genuinly sacares me.."Get out of my house" just wont get out of my head....

Knowing that I am a rational 28 year old man who knows movies are fake...I HOPE I can bring myself to watch this.
Not bad, but I can't say it made a very strong impression on me. Many of the scares were telegraphed too plainly. It's good to see Keaton in a heavier movie again.
I thought it was great. I'm really glad to see Mr. Keaton back at it again. He's looking well too! There are alot of people at IMDB who are saying that the movie is full of plot holes and what not. It's unreal how many people just can't think for themselves and want everything handed to them on a silver platter.
Poop! I have to say that I am disappointed. Except for a few good scenes I found my self wishing it to end. Michael Keaton spent about half of the dam movie in front of a fucking tv screen. And the ending was stupid. Man that movie had alot of potential, to bad they wasted it!
"There are alot of people at IMDB who are saying that the movie is full of plot holes and what not. It's unreal how many people just can't think for themselves and want everything handed to them on a silver platter."
If you have to provide you own storyline to make a film make sense, then the film was not well enough written and directed.
I am not saying this is the case with "White Noise", which I have not seen, but I am getting irritated at the way some elements of genre film fans will defend bad filmaking just becuase it is a genre film.
Saw this at a midnight show on Saturday.

Luckily, a friend of a friend is a manager at the theater, so we got in free.

It was a moderate thriller, but it died in the third act.

Keaton was okay, but I'd rather see him do another Beetlejuice.

The most entertaining part was Ian McNiece's giant neck.
This could well be one of the Top 10 worst pictures I have ever seen. I'm deadly serious. Something more than likely only compounded by the fact that it was, as Nick points out, quite well made with a few good shocks and good (if utterly defeated) work by Keaton and Unger.

What makes it rank as atrocious is it's complete lack of structure and story which, given the competency of the production, is unforgivable and surely a sign that this is the lowest form of "marketing gimmick as movie" since Only The Strong. It contemptable.

I yearn to see Devin and Davis' take on this.

Someone please explain how it all tied together ? And by all I mean the 4 or 5 different story strand that were liberally littering the running time (suspicious death of wife; meddling with EVP and consequences; becoming a ghost-assisted vigilante...etc etc etc), none of which came to fruition, none of which took centre stage and all of which left the most non-sensical, deus ex machina packed plot begging for some kind of non-halfhearted resolution.

- There was no antagonist -- some mischievous spirits ? Bad story telling

- Why were "they" after these folk, just "because" ?Did they only come after those who dabbled in Raymond Price's EVP experiment ? Why ? Why not other psychics ? Bad story telling

- How were they visually predestining deaths in the white noise that hadn't already happened - since when are malevolent spirits predictive ? Bad story telling

- The old lady who told the girl to smile -- she didn't die bizarrely, so why was her friendly message associated with the three malevolent spirits in the script and Keaton's investigation ? It didn't fit into any logical narrative progression. Terrible story telling.

- Unger didn't die in her fall so how did the EVP premonition of her happen ?

The Strange Case Of The Construction Worker:

a) kidnapped Keaton's wife ? why ? no back story or logic to it.

b) had an identical set up to Keaton's audio/visual equipment. why ? The spirits are already there, he doesn't need to contact them through white noise.

c) Keaton's wife now decides to come back as a ghost ? Hateful bitch.

d) if point a) is predicated on "the spirits telling him so" and all this was to lure Keaton to his death, to stop him meddling in their mischievous ways - since he didn't start meddling with EVP until after his wife disappeared, why did the construction worker get told by the spirit trio to go after Keaton's wife ? Cart two miles before horse. Awful story telling.


- And Unger's little "twisted man in the room!" exclamation at the end -- was this the first time she mentioned this fact/premonition, was some mention of it cut out during clumsy editing ? Foreshadowing in this type of picture can work to great effect (witness the "feathers" in Stir Of Echoes for instance) but this was ludicrous to the point in insulting anyone who went in for anything other than cheap shocks.

- I assume 2:30am was when Keaton's wife actually died ? Was it part of the spirits plan to kill him at exactly the same time from the outset ? For what reason exactly ?

- If the spirits can wrestle him to the ground (for a moment I had an awful feeling that he was going to slam the ghost against the pillar and knock it out) and rip his legs askew, why not just come to his house like they did Raymond The Fat EVP Expert and kill him ?

- I could go on, but this made The Forgotten look like Citizen Kane, Exorcist: The Beginning relishable and Van Helsing positively watchable.

The fairly talented crew should be ashamed of this abomination of a tale. I sincerely doubt we'll see a worse example of storytelling this year.
My hope is that this launches Keaton's comeback.

Originally Posted by blacklab

My hope is that this launches Keaton's comeback.

It won't.
It might launch a comeback for wearing polonecks with a suit though.
The movie had great acting, in my opinion, but it failed miserably with a plot that was interesting and had alot of potential.

The ending was the worst part of the movie.

Maybe the DVD will have the true ending, where Michael Keaton leaps behind a pillar and 2 minutes later emerges wearing the Batman attire and rips through the ghosts/whatever the 3 things were.

That, and only that, would make this movie watchable.

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