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wtf are you playing...
Just been revisiting Skyrim on the PC. Fuck that game creeps me out. Not playing it at night in an empty house ever again...
Skyrim, scary? What?

Lemme guess, you're an arachnophobe?
Git' in under mah belly!
Fallout 76 moment of the weekend:

"Oh fuck, Level 26 Deathclaw"
Level 60 Scorch Beast dives down from the sky and slaughters it...then turns at my character.
"Fuck Fuck, Fuck, FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK" (muttered while running back to shelter, getting killed in seconds)

Yeah, I never got back the loot I dropped after that death.
When this game works, it really does an amazing job.*

*Also, it lets me wage war on Molemen.
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Forza Horizon 4 expansion Fortune Island is out. It's pretty awesome so far. Lots of pretty cliffs and such?
Full Throttle: Remastered. GOG is giving it away for free for the next 17+ hours.
I'm still playing Metal Gear 5.  

I think last time I checked I had logged around 132 hours of playtime.  I am at about 58% total completion with almost 70% of the side "ops" finished and I have fully re-constructed Mother Base.

This game takes a very long time to get going, in terms of story, but once it shit is mind-bending.  I am more referring to the concepts being discussed as opposed to the gameplay, but I will say that the use of "buddies" works surprisingly well.  I kind of hate when games tie you to an NPC, but this totally works(with some minor hiccups here and there).  Also, you can play without them if you want, but they are more of an advantage when used correctly, than a hindrance.  Each have their advantages and disadvantages, but it lets you tweak/upgrade them and makes you feel like you some control of their actions and how they are used.

In regards to the story...


There are two major things that have been discussed.  First is the use of vocal cord parasites that use spoken language as a form of ethnic cleansing, and a focus on the role that the spread of English as "lingua franca" has had on lesser used languages.  The "science" behind it reaches back in time before the beginning of man and it would seem crazy if the game didn't take such pains to make it seem kind of plausible.

There is also the concept of "metal archaea" where(forgive me, I can't explain it very well without looking it up, which I don't want to do in case I accidentally spoil something for myself) metals that are used in creation of weapons like Metal Gear(Sahelanthropus as it is called in this version) can be used as building materials and can also be deconstructed "in the field of operations" to develop material capable of creating nuclear devices by breaking down the weapons themselves through nanotechnology...or something.  The game hasn't been focusing on it through the last 5 or so main missions, so my memory of the process is kind of vague at the moment, but it is still fascinating.


It's really something you have to play to experience/understand, but I am really enjoying it.  That being said, I can see why a lot of people would check out on this game early, because you really have to spend a lot of time playing to open everything up...a lot of time.  That being said, the game is often challenging, but there is never a point when I feel too overwhelmed and the missions are almost perfectly balanced, in the sense that I never really get stuck trying to beat a level as long as I take the time to plan everything out, and offer many ways to complete each mission.  

Hideo Kojima is truly a visionary.  The amount of thought put into the story and the gameplay is insane and the fact that it rewards patience is very satisfying.  I am loving this so far.
I'm past my cutoff point for purchasing any more games, but I'm curious how the new Epic store is going to work out. It looks like they're starting to lure a lot of publishers away from Steam. It's about time Steam had some legit competition. Maybe they'll finally tweak their UI to resemble something from THIS century.
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I finally got a laptop powerful enough to play some better games, so I've been playing GTA 5 and Witcher 3. I suck at these games, but My God they're great, especially Witcher. I may chime into the respective threads when I get a bit further in, but I'm enjoying reading about everyone else's adventures.

I also have MGS 5 and hope to get into that soon.
(11-26-2018, 01:21 AM)ryoken Wrote: .... I think it could really be build up into something great like Destiny 2 or No Man's Sky if [MODDERS] put in the work and support [CAUSE THERE IS NO WAY THAT BETHESDA WILL].

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