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wtf are you playing...
My 360 lasted years. Nearly a decade.
If I could change to liquid, I'd fill the cracks and bend the rocks.
(2 hours ago)simbob Wrote: Didn't the 360 only fuck up disc if you stood it on it's side? Maybe also only with that original model too. But I definitely remember sites telling people not to stand 360s up because of the disc thing.

Mine were only ever set horizontally, and they ate 3-4 games.  All of my red rings occurred in the first 2 years, and each time MS acted like it was my fault and took forever in turnaround. My last one lasted like 5 years, though, so they apparently got it ironed out.

My first red ring took 90+ days to get fixed. I think I bailed and bought a PlayStation the next time it happened.

They haven’t exactly given many any reasons to change my policy either. I think in all that time the only exclusive I regretted missing was maybe Sea of Thieves? If I were abandoning Sony, I’d go with a Switch anyway.
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I'm a glutton, I need all 3 systems. Demon's Souls remake sold me on the PS5.

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