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Tartaré discussion
By Nick Nunziata
I liked this, I like how it started out as a suspected mob story and ended up as something far more sinster. However the bit I like the most is that were some authors would have stopped at the horror of someone else eating people, Nick went one step further and added that the protagonist had started to do that to.

Good stuff.
Thanks, man. I vaguely remember it but am afraid to read it now.
Wow, that was really creepy. I liked the 'last confessional' vibe that was going on. Like Savage said, I was sure it was going to end up a mob thing, but dude. Just, yikes.
Great story. I just finished reading it. Very chilling and a nice twist at the end which took the story to an even more darker and apocalyptic place.

I'm reminded of an old short story by Ursula Le Guin which was about the relationship between the upper class and orphanages in the USA in the near future where farm animals and meat production is almost non-existant. The story is more complicated than that but it gave me the same sense of dread for a situation that is more than possible.

Good job. I love stories about cannibalism.

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