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Along the Seward River discussion
By Devin Faraci
OK i thought that was really good. It created an atmosphere and a sense of place in a very few words. it didn't get preachy except for the bit about 'new betrayals' and it was never awkward except for the word 'rendezvousing'.

Wow, thanks. Even I don't think it's good. The word limit sucked, and I retardedly wanted to sketch the town's whole history,and I was hoping to leave things that could be picked up as story ideas by other people. Failed on both counts.
Well i meant it.

This collaborative-story town idea was before my time so i was coming to the story without that context.

my main reason for having a positive reaction to this was that reading through the chudstories that have been reposted on the main site recently i would become quickly bored as the stories took to long to get to their real point. too many laboured character introductions and forced exposition.

this one had a very clear reason for existing (creating a sense of history and place, and perhaps even giving the river a character of its own) and got to it straight away.

It was, admittedly quite a generalised american history rather than one very specific to one place (but then that gave the river more of a mythological status, rather than just a straight history) and the fatalistic, outside-of-time tone probably wouldn't lend itself well to a more developed narrative, nor to a much longer length without getting morose.

But what there was i liked.

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