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Coming of Rage discussion
By Nick Nunziata
I liked this story. It kept reminding me of those old Goosebump books I used to read when I was a kid. The first paragraph could use some tinkering as far as flow, but overall it was a smooth read. The awkward boyhood stuff was spot on. I think it captures that semi-serious tone of "spooky" late-night stories well. This is a good one to tell to pre-teens before they go on a date. I was also wondering if a bad date experience lead to this idea....


Interesting choice for a first post.
I dont get the time to read all of these but once again I liked this one. Another suprising twist at the end, very Twilight Zone or the more darker Tales of the Unexpected that we used to get in the UK.

Started off as the Wonder Years and ended up as a Horror.

Good Stuff

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