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Looking for a reader
To help with the Chudstories site. Basically you'd be assigned some of the submitted stories and you'd read them and report back to me on them. Someone with some editorial experience would be good.
As I have done before I will chuck my hat in. I did this towards the end of the last incarnation.
I have no editorial experience but I have all sorts of time on my hands since I get paid to do nothing.
The only editorial experience i have is on my own stuff (2 novels and a couple of dozen short stories). You can argue about the quality, but it is still a fair amount of words.
I have experience as a transcriber, so i have some professional experience with the written word.

Of course, I'm English, so my grammar and syntax will be slightly different, but not enough to cause too many arguments.

Tell me what you need, pass me a little bit of work, and we'll see if i can do what you want.
I'm constantly reading essays, so I've had some editorial experience. I'd love to help out.
Thanks for everyone's interest. I have three readers on staff and that's good for now. If I need anyone in the future, I'll repost.

So...stories will start being read this week and you'll have responses as soon as they can get out.

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