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The next story subject
Some ideas I'm kicking around:

(when I say "you or your character" I basically mean either a first person narrator or a third person narrator telling a character's story)

1. The Dead Body Exercise: You or your character come home and find a dead body in your living room, bathroom, kitchen sink --- whatever. Have your character react to the dead body. The important word is "react." Writers should put themselves in those shoes and try to feel what it would be like to come across a dead body.
2. Trying to Be a Vampire: You or your character is dying of a disease (Think Darla from Angel). In order to escape that tragedy, you or your character decides to try and become a vampire. Send them on that journey. How would they go about it? Where would they look? What would it feel like to commit vampire-suicide? Etc.
Interesting. If I had any writing ability, those sound like two interesting scenerios to go through.
Are you going to decide between the two and let us know, or can we tackle either one now?
They seem very specific. Seems like we might get a lot of very similar stories, which won't be that much fun, would it? But then, i guess that's the challenge - make it different!
An official choice will be made and posted to the main site at the end of the month.

As far as getting the same stories...that really shouldn't be an issue. If it is, well, I mean, it just shouldn't.

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