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Pre-Release Dark Water

Is the asian version going to be available on DVD before this comes out? I've read the story and have a hard time seeing this as a feature length film.
All these remakes are depressing. The original only came out in 2002 for fucks sake. The only valid reason for a remake should be to improve on a shit (preferably old) film in my opinion, anything else is just BOLLOCKS.

/end mini rant.
I think the original is the best of these post Ringu asian horror films. We'll see how this remake works out.
I've seen the Japanese version, and it didn't kick me in the balls like I thought it would. Kiaro, Ringu, or Ju-on are better films, and I'm not talking about the American versions. I really wanted to like this one, but it just didn't do it for me.
I also loved the original. I actually liked Ju-On more but it's one of my favorites of the genre.
From what we've seen, the remake will add nothing new to the mix.
But there is always the potential upside that more people might be exposed to the brilliant original.
Everyone that I know who's seen the American version of Ring, did not bother to go and check out the original Ringu. I'm sure the same will hold true for Dark Water. Heck, nobody even released Ringu 2 or Ringu 0 on DVD for North American consumers. People just aren't interested in watching the original version of something, if it's a) not in English, or b) it was made before 1980.

As for Dark Water, I thought it was a fine little movie, that just really disturbed me more than scare me. I actually did enjoy the fact that it wasn't that scary, although it did feature plenty of scenes that were written for a good scare, but instead it just delivered an ending that just really got underneath my skin.
While I'm sure that's probably true for most American horror fans, I saw Ring and the Grudge first, then went back to check out the Asian originals. Ring: I liked both versions. Grudge: I liked the Asian original better. It seemed to take it's time while the US remake seemed to charge right through the material. Ex. the end scene with the ghost coming down the stairs, the original took it's sweet time with the ghost coming down and was creepy as hell, the US version just had her at the bottom before you could blink. Half the scare was watching her come down slowly and being able to do fuck-all about it.

These films have enticed me to check out other Aisan films recently (Tale of Two Sisters was awesome, Infernal Affairs).
The original has that nice "something´s wrong with the world" vibe, just like Ringu. The sense that the story is taking place in a warped (but still real) version of our world. Not as scary or strong as Ringu and Ju-On TV 01, but still pretty good.

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