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The Rainhorse Discussion
By Joe McManis
Fun story. Is there a whole Rainmenagerie? an entire Rainecosystem, nurtured by the blood of curious little girls?

I particularly liked the line picked for the first blurbquote:

"...'A watched kettle never boils?' It's not like that."
It made me giggle and it was short. size doesn't matter, only quality. so yay! another cool little story.
but why was there a raintiger loose in a suburban American street? did it escape from the rainzoo? We should call the rainwildliferangers! and if we have to use the rainyellowpages, will all the ink have run?
I liked it.
I'm glad you guys liked it.

Well, I never thought up a backstory on what rainhorses and whatnot actually are or where they came from, as I didn't want to ruin the mystery for myself. I can tell you, though, that "raintiger" rolls off the tongue better than the more geographically appropriate "rainmountainlion."

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