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Phantom of the Opera Review and Discussion
I'm still trying to wash this one off:
I haven't seen this one yet but, once again, another solid review from Mr. Fischer.

And the 'Bohemian Rhapsody' cap is gold.
This was one of those few movies that everyone knew would be a disaster before preproduction even started, I don't recall reading one person who thought it had the tiniest hope to make money. Considering how terrified studios are to take a chance I just can't believe this was made to begin with. I'm trying to think of another movie that was so clearly a dud from the start and nothing on phantom's level comes to mind.

The only possibility I can think of is either it was some elaborate tax scam or possibly a way to launder drug money, nothing else makes sense.
That's the most dead-on review I've read for that piece of shit film yet. Nice job nailing just why and how the film falls apart, Russ.
I'm hoping "he has no nipples" becomes the new Hollow Man. Great stuff.
Wow. Thankfully I've not seen this film and now never will. I was subjected to the music by some friends of mine in college, much like you were by your mom, so I wasn't really tempted.
I enjoyed the Stage production but the film sucked beyond belief. I am still amazed that Webber could screw up his own work so badly.
I've been playing a lot of musicals/classical/opera for the kids to try to get them to expand their musical vocabulary (particularly my daughter). They both REALLY loved The Phantom of the Opera soundtrack, so I showed them the 2004 movie, which I don't recall ever seeing. It's a bit of a mixed bag, but I did get a kick out of the spectacle and they both loved it. I was however, somewhat chagrined to discover that Emmy Rossum was sixteen years old when they filmed it!!!!!!!!!!


I think if you haven't seen the stage musical, it must have seemed CRAZY fractured as they 1.)truncate the shit out of some of the story, and 2.)the Phantom is much more obviously a deranged murdering lunatic from the beginning, making Christine's initial attraction somewhat bizarre.


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