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The CHUD Show/Movie Microscope Podcast Discussion
The Last Jedi is up!
Can't believe you guys made the mistake of thinking Poe was doing Han things for the second episode in a row, especially since it was so obvious to everyone else he's doing Pete "Maverick" Mitchell things.

I'm with Nick on Sirengate by the way, and not just because he wrote and recorded a megahit song about it. Luke is playing it up, sure, but it plays to me as if it's to show Rey via his actual regular day-to-day that he's become this actual gross, self-hating pathetic old bastard she should run from.
Might as well get it over with and call him Han Poe-lo.
"Hunger is the best spice, they say." 
"....They had 3 different guys write 3 different versions of the original trilogy... Alan Dean Foster and James Kahn...and one other guy..."

"James Caan?"

"...different James Kahn"

"Oh. That's too bad."


"Scott Caan?"
I'm just getting to the end of this. I enjoyed every minute.

I'm the person on Twitter who said it was 4th best.
but goddamn, I meant after the originals.
Ain't no way Return of the Jedi will ever be bested by anything released after it.

Thanks for starting out my week in a positive, hilarious mood, guys.
You can just say "Scott Caan" and its a killer punchline, right?

Thanks for listening, andrew c.
"Hunger is the best spice, they say." 
I’m the one who was furious at himself this morning for not remembering Donald F. Glut’s Empire novelization.

This spark of comments about the actual episodes makes me want to dispatch some younglings.

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