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Banned in 2025
Sweet. Got an outline for an epistolary story down, and I'll try to have something submitted by the end of the week.

This is going to be a fun topic. I was sorely tempted to write about porn being banned.
I'm actually going to write for this one.
Just fired off a submission for this topic. This was a story I had been meaning to write for a couple of months now, but never had the impetus to get it underway. It was lots of fun to write; I hope you get a good response on this topic.
OK, i got me an idea for this topic. I shall attempt to give this a go.

Can i politely repeat my suggestion that the given topics should be a bit less specific? It just feels restrictive. Anyway, i hope it gets quite a few submissions as well.
I enjoy the restrictive topics -- or, at least, the concept of them, as this is the first one I've participated in. It makes for some friendly (and mild) competition within the topic submissions, and there's still the wider subjects to submit a story in, if you don't feel like being a part of the topic of the month.

That being said, I think I bent the rules for this topic in my submission, anyway, so maybe, Andrew, I just agree with you.
It's a little restrictive but it has to be adn it makes you think and more importantly it makes me write.
I bulked my submission up a bit. Shall I resend it to one of you gents?
How's the response to this topic, so far?
Scott: Send away!

Ian: Shite!
I write slowly!
Write faster! My very entertainment depends on it!
It needs another rewrite (or two). I'll resend by midweek.
Thanks, gents.
Updated submission sent.

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