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The Mary Worth War
Disclaimer: All apologies to the creators of the Mary Worth comic strip. This is not meant as a satire of their work but rather a chance to take the serious image of the strip and create odd and obtuse punchlines.

Personally, I think I'm winning.











And Nick's efforts to skew the favor his way:

I had to vote for Swamp Thing, but the important thing is that you keep these coming.

Best: Neck, Bees, Walken, Shunting, Peppard.

Worst: Let's hit it, boys.
Swamp Thing wins. I fear for anyone who enters that room.
Best: Swamp Thing, neck, bees

Worst: Nick's attempts to skew the favor was shameless and nonfunny.
More, please. Can't make a decision without sixty or seventy more.
I haven't yet seen this guy Victor. Hoping he shows up in one of the strips soon.
Subtlety and grace are nice but I'm a sucker for Walken and Window Menacers.
ST, but no matter who loses we all win... or vice versa.
Swamp Thing takes all comers. I laugh every time I look at it.
Lewis' last name is Cox.
The Swamp Thing gag is absolutely brilliant. I don't think it can be topped, but hope you try.
Fire cracker! Ha!
That last one is fantastic.
This one is still the best. It captures that Captain America Rape Face vibe nicely:

Good stuff. Reminds me of the reworked Spider-Man strips.
You're telegraphing the punch line. I so knew that was Zemo in the second panel. There's no hiding that chin.
The couple in the diner ones are my favorites. Keep 'em comin'!
"That's krunk!"

Toht gags never grow old.
So much here, but the "PAY THE CHECK, CUNT" followed by the blind date pun/sight gag had me rolling the most. Please keep these coming.
These are beyond great!
You could build a website solely devoted to these strips. That's how good they are.
It was a pretty even fight, starting with a friendly volley of strips back and forth between Lewis and Nick, but Nick's unleashing of a barrage of diner strips is cementing his stand in the Mary Worth War.

Please continue the attack.
These are really fantastic. Awesome stuff.

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