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The Mary Worth War
My God, bring it! I have a crush on the Widow Worth!
Hell, I thought the response was pretty great. But I guess silent majorities don't get anything accomplished!

Mas, por favor!
In the immortal words of Contra 3: "Please Continue"
More Mary, please. And get them out of that diner, Nick.
Yes, give us more! If you want to see how big the response is, don't fret over the number of replies. Just look at the # of page views.
LOL something fierce.

I'm surprised you keep finding things to pick apart in the same strip over and over again.
Can you imagine what Nick would do with Hagar the Horrible?
I'm running out of things to say about these, other than they are fantastic and I glean excessive enjoyment from reading them.
Christ almighty... that last frame is priceless!
These make me quite happy.
How in the hell did I miss this? Totally fills the gap left by the absence of the beloved Ron.

Trap door face. Wonderful.
I don't know, but Ken Foree cracked me up more than anything else. (Although Trapdoor Face is pretty damn good)
My God, he does look like Richard Herd from V!!
I don't know if it's possible to top the last two but that doesn't mean you should stop. These are so good.

Originally Posted by Suttytx

My God, he does look like Richard Herd from V!!

Looks more like the Equalizer to me.

Originally Posted by Hammerhead

Looks more like the Equalizer to me.

For God's sake, his name is Robert some respect.
Glad you seem to be enjoying this little exercise, though I'd rather be doing RON by a long shot.
Not the best so far but definitely amusing.
Yes, yes, yes!
"I only need five."
The man knows his Rhinopoma hardwickii. "...eyes and radar and stuff."
"Sure, I'll wrap my mouth around your most secret place."

It's always good to get more Mary. And it's nice to see the strip get some respect on the main page's Chud Men.
What happened to Lewis? Did he give up already? There's not much of a war here.
C'mon, Nick. How about another?
"go-gotten to" = great.
Do not bring your evil here Mary Worth.
Things To Thank Nick Nunziata For:

1) The opening of

2) A new Mary Worth

3) "Please shit my bug bag out."
Wow. The demand was HUGE.
That was wonderfully funny. "A few well placed beetles..."

Definitely a day-brightener.
The magic is you!
It's the disturbing throwaway Uncle Ken line that makes that one special.

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