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The Mary Worth War
This is terrible, but maybe it will be enough to awaken Nick from his slumber.

I'll do more.

Originally Posted by Nick Nunziata

I'll do more.

Good work, Horrid. Mission accomplished.
I like to imagine that you put "coloreds!" with the picture of her grinning over her coffee cup and worked backwards from there.
Praise Zeus!
I scared the cats again, laughing so hard.
I don't know how the fuck you come up with this shit.

And I don't care, so long as you continue to do so.
This is almost as good as a sex scene between Lana Turner and Rita Hayworth.
I come out of my retired shell in France to thank you for this. Always been a favorite of mine.
Just to put this in its proper mythological context
Mary Worth is a bigger whore then I would have imagined.
You ain't seen nuthin'.
"He'll be there!"

That really got me...
"Come up and ride my shank." and "How many more steps to the clit?" are lines that will echo in eternity.
I know greed is wrong. But I'm greedy for this; I laugh out loud at pretty much every one.
"Coccyx bones" has never been uttered in a more sexual manner. At least not in my household.
The sexual energy from that strip could power a 3rd world country, or provide heat for a family of five.
"Skull Island loads" Oh man.
I'd just like to chime in and say that this thread can really turn someone's shitty day around. Keep up the good work, Nick.
New Mary Worth comics are always a blessing of funny. Thanks, Nick, and keep 'em coming.

Any chance on the return of Swamp Thing?
Who did Mary think she was kidding, playing hard to get like that?
"Staccato pelvic thrusts"? I really might try to use this toast next time I'm on a date.
Mary Worth, She-Wolf of the SS

Somehow, we all knew.
I could totally see Miss Worth getting filled up at the Nazi pit stop. I wish to god I couldn't, but God does not answer me.
I toned that one down a bit on the last pass. It has just enough SS for me now.
The next to last panel is the one for me. That jacket is clearly the mark of a man never planning to show his cock to anyone again.*

*Urologists excluded.

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