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MMA Thread (UFC, Pride, K-1, etc)
I posted this in the Documentary thread already.

Fighting In The Age Of Loneliness.

This is a five-part documentary about the history of MMA, from the creation of jiu-jitsu in 15th century to the McGregor/Khabib fiasco in October. It puts MMA in a cultural and political perspective.

It's directed by Jon Bois and both written and narrated by Felix Biederman, who is one of the hosts of the notorious Chapo Trap House podcast.

As it's about MMA, there's some graphic imagery in here, so it's not for the squeamish.
“That which doesn't kill you wasn't done right.”—Khaya Dlanga
Cyborg’s cheating ass getting face-planted made me verklempt.
Jon Jones has been my favourite fighter to watch for well over half a decade now (because I'm a bad person) but this night was all Amanda's. That woman absolutely stole the heck out of the show.
Jon is amazing to watch.

It’s too bad he’s not as amazing to root for.
Gus looked like shit. Jones better fight DC cause LHW is garbage these days.

Cyborg getting shit canned was rough, in a very good way.
It wasn't so much that Gus looked like shit as much as Jon didn't make the same mistake of standing in front of him and letting him find his rhythm to get boxing combinations going. Jon was using his unorthodox striking style as a means to keep him constantly guessing, and thus unable to implement his style -- basically, Gus brought boxing to an MMA fight, which wasn't something I expected after having 5 years to prepare for the inevitable rematch. Pretty crafty gamesmanship on Team Jackson's part.
LHW isn't just garbage these days, it's been a shallow talent pool for a long time. Part of that is just a function of the fact the average athletic American/Brazilian man is about 5'9 - 5'10" and 168lbs, so the likes of 125, 205 and HW sit at the flat, thin ends of the demographic bell curve, and part of it is due to the fact athletic young men who like some rough stuff end up steering toward football.

They always had plenty of "celebrities", because they were the marquee division (at a time with fewer competing divisions), but when someone as "ordinary" as Forest Griffin (love him as a dude, but you know what I mean) can do as well as he did that tells you plenty about the actual level of fighting ability. Right in the middle of Jon's title defense run there are two consecutive "challengers" from a division below who hadn't been in the cage with a LHW opponent for at least half a decade, let alone had any recent relevant wins in the class. Neither GSP nor Aldo had that "luxury" in their legendary runs because they fought in legit deep weight classes. Hell, Gus himself became an indicator of how shallow 205 was when they gave him a shot off an R1 KO loss.

So, speaking of Gus, we end up with a guy who's the 3rd best LHW on the planet who's a "boxer" with terrible footwork (wtf is Rogan smoking?), nothing much resembling head movement and the most predictable rhythm this side of a David Guetta show.
Feed Jon Rockhold.
LHW was never that bad, I just think Griffin had a little Gus type of run where the champ totally underestimated a goofy white boy. Jones v DC, into Jones v Lesnar, into Jones v GSP and Silva tag team.
Sure Griffin was able to have a "little Gus type run", because in a super shallow division like LHW that is always possible. When was the last time we saw a "goofy white boy" like Griffin or Gus make it to a title fight at FW or LW? Guys like Mark Homminick and Kenny Florian were superhuman beasts compared to Forest and Gus.

I meeeeeeean, do you get consecutive MW contenders right in the middle of Jon's run if the division isn't abysmally shallow? And Chael wasn't even off a win at MW! That doesn't happen in healthy divisions like FW/LW/WW over the same era. In Jon's first 6 title fights only one opponent had an active LHW win streak of more than 2 fights. That doesn't happen in divisions with healthy talent pools either. 205 has been in trouble for many years now.

And none of this is Jon's fault of course, the UFC has failed that weight class badly over the last decade or so. Letting guys like Mr Wonderful, Darth Bader and Moose go even though 205 was desperately crying out for bodies. Keeping those guys still wouldn't have lifted the division close to the level of FW/LW/WW but it sure would have made it better than the current shitshow.
(12-30-2018, 02:26 AM)shaunh Wrote: Cyborg’s cheating ass getting face-planted made me verklempt.

My son said, "From your reaction I would assume that Cyborg was supposed to win." I couldn't believe it. I was so excited to see that.
I think you're really underselling (past) LHW. Machida, Shogun, Rampage, Chuck, Wanderlei, Rashad, Little Nog, Henderson, Belfort, Randy. Murderers row. Even guys like Jardine at least were dangerous.

If it's a healthy division it should be hard to rack up a huge win streak. Don't forget Matt Serra had a run, people be underestimating all over!

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