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Silent Hill Trailer = HOLY CRAP!
Thanks for the link Alex!

I got the same feeling just from that teaser that I got playing Silent Hill. Creeped out. It sounds like the game. It looks like the game.

Damn this is going to be good.

BTW, if it doesn't load for you just go to the Sony Pictures SIlent Hill website. It's the intro to the page.
Kind of hard to tell what's actually going on; it's just a collection of jumbled images. Intriguing, but incoherent.
Damn, that link went down fast.

I'm going to try and see if I can find another direct link.

But yeah, I'm excited for this movie.
The teaser-teaser trailer is fairly spooky, especially the audio track, but none of that compares to the Silent Hill 4 Game Trailer that I saw about two years ago from, before they sold out. That scared the shit out of me and my friend Mike, and we're hardcore SH fans from the first.

If you sift through that bitched out site, I'm sure that you'll find it. Must see. Its the E3 2k4 Trailer.

BTW good use of Flash - I just find it funny that this is from the same distributor as "The Cave" and the abhorrent "The Fog".
Wow. That looks more like a trailer for the game than for a movie.

Is that bad or good? Not sure yet.

But it reeks of Silent Hill.

Ok, that's good.
Here's a direct link

I don't care if it's short, it's damn sweet, and convey the right atmosphere.

Looks promising.

Originally Posted by Morning Star

This is the way that Resident Evil should have been done but Anderson is a stupid cunt.

I understand that replying to this is a useless endeavor, but this also goes for anyone with similar opinions who just read the boards without posting:

Jesus, he just made a bad movie (ok, several bad movies). He didn't rape your sister or anything. Calm down. Besides, the two properties are actually aesthetically different. Other than the fact that the movie wasn't scary in the slightest, it was faithful to the franchise: needlessly convoluted with plenty of (thematic) backtracking. This was before RE4, of course.

A fine tease, and while it looks like Silent Hill a good alternate title might be Against the Grain.
The trailer has a nice feel to it. It's hard to tell what kind of a film this is going to end up being but it definitely piques my interest.
What's this? A videogame movie trailer with no hint of any Ed Wood/Uwe Boll badness? What dimension did I walk into?
The real thing is up! Check the poster too!
The full trailer looks incredible.
Not much else to say besides hell yeah!

This movie was a huge disappointment.


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