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Pictures from the 11 Colonels LA Readthrough
There's no need for another out there. We may do additional casting out there, but I dunno.
It's a shame you guys are stuck on doing 35mm. I understand that more than a few backwards executives are stuck on the idea that 35mm is the only way a "serious" movie can be made...but I think going to Video, even Hi-Def would make this something you guys could fund a lot easier. Unless I missed an update and you guys got funding, in which case congrats, and dismiss what I said.

I suppose my point is, Eastwood almost shot Sands of Iwo Jima on Mini-DV (The decision ultimately came down to matching Flags and not a quality comparison), a lot of great festival circuit films are getting done on DV. It would be more than good enough for this.
I was about to say that I've seen, and shot, Mini-DV stuff from an XL-2 that used 35mm lenses and the outcome was amazing.

And today I got word that some new XD High Def cams can "Ramp Up" to 60 frames?! I nearly came. Nearly.

No more shitty slow motion in post!
I'm rooting for you guys. Best of luck!

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