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Wrestling Discussion Thread (WWE, TNA, ECW, WCW, etc.)
That's awesome news.

I caught the tag team main event of the latest NXT episode. Very, very good stuff.
So it looks like Daneil Bryan resigned with the WWE for another two years.

Originally Posted by ImmortanNick 

Saw Batman v Superman.
Now I know what it's like to see Nickelback in concert.

That's my review.
(Yesterday, 07:51 PM)headless fett Wrote: So it looks like Daneil Bryan resigned with the WWE for another two years.



Why would this be bad news? He has a family to take care of now. WWE is best suited to provide him the security that he needs. Low budget indy feds or NJPW can wait a while longer to have Bryan Danielson kill himself in the ring.
Git' in under mah belly!
Bryan could have made as much money in NJPW as he does WWE, and with a lighter work schedule on top of it. Some of us would like to see him working elsewhere, places where he won't be stuck in dead-end feuds and stuck in silly nostalgic tag team matches.

Hopefully his new deal gives him that part time schedule he desires, at least. The new deal is just an extension as far as I know, at any rate. Long enough to keep him off of All In, but not long enough to keep him off next years Wrestle Kingdom.

There's not a single match-up he could have in WWE that could possibly be more intriguing than the possibilities in New Japan. Bryan vs Omega? Bryan vs Okada? Bryan vs ZSJ? Yes please!!
Jeff Cobb (aka Matanza) just signed with ROH. Nice!
Cobb is going to do well in ROH. Lots of great talent for him to work with.

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