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All Things Golf Thread
AI always thought Tiger had one or 2 more Majors in him but after withdrawing today I'm thnking maybe not. Injuries are piling up.

I'd say sit out the rest of the season and heal up but he already missed a year recovering so I'm not sure that will help.

I'd say it's time to retire but most guys play golf when they retire so that doesn't work.

One of the most fun majors in recent memory.  Phil came agonizingly close yet again. (Is he to double digits in second place finishes in the majors yet?)  He got unlucky on that bunker shot.  If that goes in he wins the tournament, and if it doesn't bounce out and roll so far he probably would have tied Rory.  And then he almost pitched in on 18, which would have been nuts.

I'm convinced Rory is mostly just getting hot at an opportune time.  Not that he won't win more majors, or isn't the most talented guy out there.  But I don't think he's going to consistently dominate the sport.  I bet he'll be a little more streaky.  Sort of somewhere in between Tiger and Phil, career-wise.  Which isn't a bad thing to be, obviously.

AI think Rory will easily be better than Phil. He has 4 Majors to his 5. I think the announcers were going overboard with the Rory Era. He has to have 4 more over the next 2/3 years for that.

Phil is at 9 2nd place finishes according to wiki.

That eagle at 10 was great. Also loved how he wanted to haul ass at the end to win. Can't believe Phil was bitching about it.
APhil's greatest strength and weakness is his belief in himself. I bet he believed he could eagle the hole and put pressure on Rory's final shots. Ultimately Rory made a five, so I don't think it made a difference. I think he played the hole worse because of the cushion, rather than better. In the end Phil said all the right things, at least.

As to Rory having a better career than Phil, I think that's all but certain at this point, since we judge by the big tournaments. I don't know if he'll end up with 45 or 50 tournaments won. But he should have 8-10 majors. Thing is, Phil should as well. He's been incredibly unlucky in a few of those (granted, a few others he flat blew.)

Tiger is going to play the Masters.  I'm thinking he'll be lucky to make the cut.


Kind of stunned Tiger is still in it.  Then again even when bad he does well at The Masters.  Still 9 shot odd the lead and Spieth doesn't look to be slowing down.


It's a great leaderboard.  Too bad Spieth looks to be running away with it.


If Phil had gotten it to three (or even kept it at four) and been in the final group I'd give him a decent.  But this is probably too much.  Last year Spieth had the co-lead going into the final round and didn't play terribly... so i don't expect him to blow up the second time around.


Tiger Woods +3 thru 5 at the start of US Open.  I'm betting he'll grab his back and pull out soon.

AAs a Pacific Northwest resident, I would like to apologize for how ugly Chambers Bay looks.

+6 through 12.  138th/156.

How does one get that bad after being so great in a sport where you can be good till your 40's?


2nd to last for Tiger.  I'd love to know the real story as to why.


The British Open is a joke.


Spieth 1 back.  Hope he can pull it off so he can go for the Slam.  You want to replace Tiger that's a great start.

A[quote name="Anyawatchin Angel" url="/community/t/92852/all-things-golf-thread#post_3905872"]2nd to last for Tiger.  I'd love to know the real story as to why.

I think due to age and injury, and with the rise of the younger, more conditioned golfer he helped spawn, he's become just another guy on tour. When you combine that with a deterioration of his drive and focus, he simply can't compete.

It's funny, because he was always compared to Federer, but in the end he might end up being closer to Nadal. Both were physical specimens who played their respective games with a more taxing style than most of their competitors, and when their bodies began to break down they started losing their mental edge as well. Both seem destined to stay stuck on fourteen majors, in second place all-time.

So Spierh comes up just short. Disappointing, but we'll see if he can bounce back at the PGA, which should be without Rory,, and relatively pressure-free compared to what might've been. Three out of four in a year is about the most one could reasonably expect.

Well, the Cubs won the World Series right before Trump "won" the election, and now Sergio wins a major as Trump moves ships into the Korean Peninsula.  How many more signs do we need?

Fantastic finish to this year's Masters, though.  Let's hope it's not the last.


Don't watch,care about, or know anything about golf. But I saw a short piece on ESPN on Sergio Garcia's life and I guess his failures to win the "big one" hasn't seemed to change the guy much. He came off as a super humble guy who doesn't seem bitter that he's come up short in previous "games" ?.

Tiger in contention for a Major. 3 way tie with 5 to go.

Maybe his only legit shot at a Major this year or ever again.
AIt's just tits and dragons. - Ian McShane on Game of Thones
I don't think it's his only shot. Tom Watson blew a major at 59. He's been in contention before in recent years. He has plenty more shots to blow the opportunity for 15. (I am rooting for him to get another one, though.)

I will say nobody else seems to be taking charge down the stretch...
I'm considering injuries and how he never seems to stay healthy.

2 shot lead he should have this.
AIt's just tits and dragons. - Ian McShane on Game of Thones
Koepka is going to be thinking about that birdie putt at 18 for at least the next month.
(04-14-2019, 02:18 PM)sean blackwell Wrote: Koepka is going to be thinking about that birdie putt at 18 for at least the next month.

only if Tiger gets 5
AIt's just tits and dragons. - Ian McShane on Game of Thones
Well he did get 5... but Tiger seemed to play for a chance at 4, but no worse than 5. But that was probably only because Koepka missed in the first place.

Anyway the last time Tiger won a Masters Nadal had never won a French Open. That seems insane. Also, as someone pointed out, this is Tiger's first major on Twitter.
Koepka would've been interesting just for the idea that a guy who has only won half a dozen tournaments on the PGA Tour could have 4 majors already. But what I think is best about Woods winning is that it puts an end to most of the the "what if" scenarios. You may not like the guy, you may think he was the architect of his own demise, but it's not like he had been forced to retire a decade ago. He's contended some. He's even won. Had a player of the year in 2013. So to not have him get at least one more major trophy would have put his career in a kind of eternal limbo. I think everyone can relax a bit now-- even though the "Will he pass Jack?" furor will undoubtedly pick up steam. I don't think he will, but at least his career has an ending, of sorts.
I almost wonder if this isn't the perfect moment for him to walk off into the sunset.
Just this guy, you know?
Maybe, but he's one win away from tying Sam Snead's all-time mark for tournament wins. I gotta think that record means something to him. Besides, he probably feels like he's finally all the way back. I don't think he's playing to catch Jack anymore, but would he walk away right when he got to the level he'd been chasing for so many years? Doesn't seem like his personality.
His ego won't allow him to just walk away or he would have done so already. What else would he do with his life? Have you ever heard of Tiger do anything else but golf and cheating? Seriously-what are his other interests? This give ESPN 9 months of things to talk about.
AIt's just tits and dragons. - Ian McShane on Game of Thones
(04-14-2019, 05:40 PM)anyawatchin angel Wrote: What else would he do with his life?  Have you ever heard of Tiger do anything else but golf and cheating?

Well, one other thing at least. (Or, rather, a mix of prescription things...)
Tiger's physique in 2019 is looking a lot closer to how he appeared back in his heyday.  Being healthy enough to enhance his performance ... through a rigorous workout regimen ... may be all he needed for a comeback.  

2018 Masters

[Image: Tiger-Woods-is-among-the-favourites-to-w...934765.jpg]

2019 Masters

[Image: the-masters---final-round-20190414095511...?width=705]
They released the cause of the Tiger crash. He was going 83 in a 45 zone. That's incredibly reckless. He's lucky to have only injured himself.
AIt's just tits and dragons. - Ian McShane on Game of Thones

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