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11 Colonels Festival 2.22 - 2.24
Our Los Angeles acting geniuses, casting director, and producer are shooting this way across the nation for a readthrough, acting sessions, and the recording of what is essentially a radio play of the film for our investor package. That Saturday morning, the goal is to have a coffee meeting with the cast and crew as well as any local folks who are around to hang out, have some fun discussion, and bullshit.

We're also going to have a ballfield reserved for some shenanigans and a softball scrimmage that afternoon and I'd really like to make it a fun little weekend in between the hardcore stuff. I'll post more detailed info soon, but Atlanta folks, it'd be nice to get together then. I know that by putting this in the 11CA! forum it may get ignored, but it's worth a shot.
Cool. I'd love to be there.
I'll be there for work, fun and to drink and put the moves on Ryan.

Culver, not Taylor.
Sounds like good stuff.
I'd like to join in on Saturday for a while. Nick, once you know where this will be and a rough schedule for the day, you'll post it here, right? I'd love to be there to play some ball and hopefully get there early enough for the coffee meeting as well.
Ryan, you better be there. You're already in my Fantasy Softball League for 11 Colonels lineup.

(Since there's only one game, I need your stats...)
That's not Ryan Culver, Andrew.
I don't read Chud for the articles, Nick...

Apologies to Ryan C., as I am dumb.
Wouldn't it be great if all this were happening in Seattle? Yeah, that would be great.

I just got to read the script, loved it, and have this weird biological urge to procreate with it. Like, I wish my babies would have my eyes, my wife's nose, and 11 Colonels' cheekbones.
FYI, there's a showing of Mothra at the Plaza on Ponce Saturday night at 9:30...possible to hit that and follow with El Bar if we don't kill the bar on Friday...
I think Andrew's going to be arranging a friendly game of cards, preceded or followed by Q&A at a special location I'm working on.
Nick, when you get a chance - please check your Myspace inbox for a message from me (from the 16th) with a couple of questions. Trying to get more info so I can make it to part of the 11CA weekend and offering to help if there is anything that I can do while I'm there. Thanks
What time and where are these shennanigans going down on Thursday?

Looking forward to meeting our west coast brethren. I'm hoping for some Squadron Supreme meets the Avengers type fire works. I'm Doc Spectrum.
Will reproduce this in the ATL forum for the folks who ignore this one:

Folks attending (we need you, especially Friday!), here's the details:

Thursday night:

We need a PA to pick up a late arrival at the airport if anyone can swing it.

Readthrough dry run at Barnacles on Medlock Bridge Dr. ( All cast (aside from dancin' Will) will be there as well as all crew. Not a major deal, though it'll be fun and loud and proud.

Friday Day:

Interviews/EPK stuff (at El Bar I think) in the morning until 3:30 or so. We'll need some PA's, but that's about it.

Friday Night:

The BIG ONE. The major readthrough/performance at Barnacles on Medlock in the private room. Arrive at 6:45-7:15 to get situated. Be hungry and thirsty! We'll do the stuff in 3 segments, with breaks in between. We'll have sound and video folks around and will probably try and interview a few of you folks afterwards. Unless you hate it. Then you can fuck off! After the readthrough, we'll probably hang out a while and do some pool or whatever and then there's going to probably be some late-night 'something'. Might be cards. Might be Q&A. Might be Wii. Might be whatever.

Saturday Morning:
East Roswell Park on Fouts Rd off Holcomb Bridge Rd. 11:30am. Hittin' balls. Catchin' balls. Playing around and recording B-Roll for the documentary. Come one and all and bring a glove and some clothes you hate so you can too get dusty and musty.

I would love to get a head count so please reply here.

If you need to call, 678-520-6838
Replace El Bar with Smokejack in Alpharetta!
Oh, sweet sleep. How I missed thee. (I'm just waking up from all the monstrousness...)
Yeah, I don't know how you guys played softball all day Saturday after essentially getting no sleep Friday night. Except for Nick--he's a machine bound by flesh.
I think I slept 16 hours last night. So nice. So deserved.
Pleased, proud, and honored to have been involved. So, so, def.

Someone came on my Parliament shirt, though...
So where are the embarassing pics and stories? Come on kids, don't hold out on Uncle Casey here.

Originally Posted by Hot Animal Machine

Someone came on my Parliament shirt, though...

Was it Sir William of the Shard? (Or however it went, dammit. I was tired.)

I don't think anyone can call what I was doing playing softball but a great time was had.

Originally Posted by cesar

I don't think anyone can call what I was doing playing softball but a great time was had.

Yeah! What he said, only moreso for me!
I know there are thousands of men named Tim but I do not know if any fun pictures or video exist of this festival. What's the word?
Roughly 24 hours of video exists. That will take a while to process.

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