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CHUD NUMBERS: Box Office Discussion Thread
oh man... dinoisland5 is gonna do so great!
We talking Mirror, Mirror business?

That's a bold statement, Nooj.

The real ending to Big...
no, I mean more in terms of it seeming to have the release date space to take advantage of audiences just wanting what looks like a simple audience-pleasing time

it can take advantage

unless there are some other heavy hitters opening near it?
The Incredibles 2 opens a week before.

The original, despite its quality, didn’t set the island on fire.
Godspeed lilttle doodle.
And Infinity War is now at $1.904 Billion worldwide.

Hitting 2 Billion now seems very possible.
very curious as to how INCREDIBLES 2 will do in terms of audiences being excited for a sequel 12 years later

trailers seem to play well for audiences that I've seen it with
Curious too. In the 12 years since the original, the likes of the MCU and Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy amped up the genre in a way many (myself included) didn't think was possible. 

Though it hasn't escaped me that this is Bird's "Get Out of Jail Free" card after Tomorrowland.

The real ending to Big...
it's his FINDING DORY to Stanton's JOHN CARTER

oh disney

all you disney is disney
Dino Island 5 is gonna open big and fall hard. There's no obvious hook, for one thing. All of the other Dino Island films had a pretty simple hook ("What if dinosaurs in modern day w/ groundbreaking VFX?" "What if dinos on mainland?" "Rescue mission from Dino Island!" "Working Dino Island park!") but this one is... what the fuck is this movie about? Is it "Let's save the dinosaurs!"? Is it "But gentlemen... what if we weaponize dinosaurs?"? Is it "crazy genetically modified dino escapes oh no!!!!"? The main trailer feels like about four different movies mashed up into one.
(8 hours ago)Nooj Wrote: oh man... dinoisland5 is gonna do so great!

I've heard initial tracking is way down from Jurassic World, in the $120-130 million OW range.
Jurassic World took advantage of the desire for that movie. The sequel, like Justice League after BvS, will suffer the delayed realization that the movie was kind of meh.
To be fair, it was always going to be down from Jurassic World. That was a once-in-a-lifetime kinda number thanks to the nostalgia for the original and rising movie-stardom of Pratt (plus Spielberg's name flashed everywhere) and the fact is Fallen Kingdom lacks a real hook. Has a "Been there, done that" feeling about it.

The real ending to Big...
oh I'm aware of all that

and I've figured dinoisland5 was going to be a big drop from the last

BUT... I was just commenting on the fact that the movie could take advantage of the SOLO slump!
Looks like Incredibles 2 will have the biggest opening of any animated film ever.

That's a bit of a surprise.
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But let’s get down to brass tacks here. What will triumph this coming weekend? Will it be Action Point??? 

Or will it be upgrade
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