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AToo many neglected subforums on here. Still, it seemed like the best place to post this.

Out of nowhere I got back into Lego in a big way a few weeks ago. I hadn't bought or played with a set since about 2000 or so, when I got a medium scale Technic set of R2D2 and C3PO for Christmas.

I've been having some mental/physical health and memory issues for the past year+ or so. On a whim I saw the Resistance X-Wing on sale on Amazon for $55 and used a gift card for it. I thought it could be a fun way to try to reactivate some cognitive/creative parts of my brain I haven't used in a while. I've spent way too much of my spare time zoning out staring into screens, never using my hands and spatial reasoning for anything.

After a slow start, I began picking it up again. By the time I got to the 2nd wing I was whipping it together like Rain Man. It's an incredible stress reliever to just throw on some music or TV in the background and get lost in building a set. I'll vouch for the theraputic value of Lego building.

Besides the X-Wing, now I have 4 out of the 5 Rogue One vehicles. After I get the Tie Striker, I'll have the whole set. I'll need to throw together some kind of crafted landscape on one of my wire rack shelves to display all these friggin things.

It's interesting to compare and contrast how the adult imagination and the child imagination works. A kid can go off on all sorts of imagined adventures and battles simply based on the visual aesthetics of the toy and bare hint of character/story. My adult mind is more about appreciating the outstanding engineering and craft that goes into the design of the sets and their movable features. I can justify these purchases to myself by saying they help as visual reference for drawing and stimulation for writing, yadda yadda, but really they are just amazingly fun to build and are awesome objects in themselves.

Now, I just need to figure out how to financially manage my addiction before I end up like Bleedin' Gums Murphy with his faberge eggs.
AI've loved Lego since I was a kid. I had so many kits, so many separate pieces that I finally broke everything down and filled a large garden refuse sack with the pieces, which I'd spend hours and hours digging through combining 70s and 80s Technic and Space pieces into whatever took my fancy at the time.

My ex girlfriend used to buy me Star Wars Lego all the time from the smaller sets to the larger ones, my favourite being the Rebel Blockade Runner. I've still got a half-built technic B-Wing looking at me, unfinished from when we broke up. Need to finish that when I get more space.

Lego is the fucking best.

Yoooo. That's cool, Rebel Blockade Runner and B-Wing are both great ships.

I should be able to get some pics up soon, I'm about to set up my shelving for the complete (sort of, until the Y-wing comes out in March) Rogue One ship set.

Current project is The Mr.Falcon, Force Awakens version. I've been stretching it out for as long as possible, just chilling watching movies and shows while I put it together. Going to finish it up with bags 8 and 9 today. Right now it's still roofless, Finn and Rey and BB8 are just hanging out in there sunning themselves.

I came up with another "excuse" for having all these. I'm going to finally make myself learn video editing software. These ships and minifigs and my voice could make a fun way to throw together some animatics. "Rogue Zero: An Unlicensed Star Wars Story: No Really, It's Not A Fan Film". I should throw on some Bloodlines episodes so I can polish up on my Ben Mendelsohn impression.

The next thing I get, after a little break, will probably be one of the modular city buildings. They are supposed to be the ultimate building experience. I'm looking forward to something that's rated age 16+ instead of 9+, to see what the difference is. This Millenium Falcon definitely would've tested the patience of kid-me, and that one's rated 9-14. I probably wouldn't have been able to finish it until age 11 or so.

Apologies for the Samsung vegetable camera.

Jyn and Cassian holding hands for all eternity. Limited edition Imperial Whirleygig above them.

Director Krennic and his Nihilist Deathtroopers.

The Tie Striker, underrated set. The tan Beachtrooper and Runwaytrooper that come with it kick ass.

The Rogue One version of the AT-ST is much better looking than the old models IMO. Solid value at $31 USD on Amazon right now.

AOh man, does this mean I'm going to have to dig mine out of storage and post pics now?

I have my share of licensed sets, but for immense satisfaction nothing lately has beat the Fairground Mixer, set #10244 in the Creator line. It's retired now but if you have the skill and the scratch, I highly recommend tracking one down.


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Oh man, does this mean I'm going to have to dig mine out of storage and post pics now?

That'd be cool, I'd like to see that B-wing.

Hammerhead, I did check out a review for the Fairground Mixer the other day. It looked very interesting.

I'll probably go with Parisian Restaurant next if they have it at my Lego store. They're giving out 2 Lego Batmans (Disco and Clown outfit) with purchases over $75 starting on the 10th when the movie comes out.

The Parisian Restaurant is complete.

It was a really fun and satisfying build. I believe the Modular Building Series hype now. I spread it out over 6-7 long leisurely sessions to make it last. My favorite parts were the tiling, basically the whole ground floor, and the roof. There's so much to take in when it's finished, I just sat back and admired it for a while.

Playing around with it, the detachable 2nd and 3rd floor apartments seem like they could be very useful for setting up photos and scenes. Between those and the kitchen/restaurant on the 1st floor, you could previz an entire movie with this set.

I just ordered another Star Wars set, the Resistance Troop Transport from Leia's first scene in Force Awakens. It's going out of production, but it popped up on Toys R Us for the lowest price I've seen. $44 for a 640 piece set, and it's supposed to be a cool build. TFA Leia and Admiral Ackbar minifgs, too.

(" Snake Party '17 ")

AThere’s a really sweet Snowspeeder in my local Lego store - would love to have this but just not got the room.

Originally Posted by Stale Elvis View Post

There’s a really sweet Snowspeeder in my local Lego store - would love to have this but just not got the room.


Are they crazy!?!?

My local Lego store has the new UCS Millennium Falcon on display:

It's about the same size as the actual shooting miniature from Empire. A steal at 800 bucks.

AYep that’s in my local Lego shop too.

It certainly is £650 worth of molded plastic.
(02-25-2018, 05:41 AM)hammerhead Wrote: [ -> ]

My local Lego store has the new UCS Millennium Falcon on display:

It's about the same size as the actual shooting miniature from Empire. A steal at 800 bucks.

Saw it this past week at the Lego Store in Disney Springs. Still $800. Lol. Also saw the James Bond Aston Martin for $150 (I think).
Got the Aston Martin a little while back. It's pricey (probably due to the license) but still a good value. Beautifully engineered, and I love that all of the action features are concealed. Unlike, say, that new X-wing with the action lever sticking straight out the top...
I’ve waited forever for Lego to produce an Aston and was really disappointed with the result. That DB5 just looks too boxy.
I agree that the car's curves get lost in translation, but the model comes across better in person.