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Do you have an academic background in Civil Liberties? - zhukov - 03-13-2009

If so, I have an interesting question for you!

I am covering a national pilot program in Dallas, and I really need an informed opinion as to a particular facet of the program. The context is a bit complicated, but it involves the ethical ramifications of a public university working closely with law enforcement officials - questions of maintaining objectivity, especially in relation to an intelligence program.

If you think you might be able to offer something, please contact me directly via email ( I can only promise, in return, an interesting conversation.

- gravedigger - 03-13-2009

Is the university in question Stanford? And is the LE agency the CIA?

- zhukov - 03-13-2009

No, it's the University of North Texas, the Dallas Police Department, and a Homeland Security intelligence program.

Although Stanford and the CIA sounds interesting. What's that about?

- gravedigger - 03-13-2009

The TV show "Chuck". Lame joke by me! Good luck with your study, though.

- zhukov - 03-13-2009

Damn my atrophied pop culture knowledge. I watched a couple episodes of that spy show with Christian Slater. I don't even think that is still on. Breaking Bad is good! I've watched that one a couple times; I don't have a DVR, so it seems like the only thing I get to watch is the Daily Show (10pm works for me).

I am just killing time with this tangent, trying to avoid the heavy lifting.