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DELLAMORTE DELLAMORE 2: CEMETERY MEN - chud main site feed - 01-24-2011

by Alex Riviello: link

Michele Soavi writing Cemetery Man sequel.

- randolph carter - 01-24-2011

Omg this makes me so happy! Finally a new horror film from Soavi. Big Grin

- pmr - 01-24-2011

The original was the best horror film of the 90's. Not sure how a sequel would work.

- randolph carter - 01-25-2011

Hopefully the sequel will turn out alright.

I am so glad to see Soavi return to movies. He is one of the most gifted directors in Italy.

- don s. - 01-25-2011

I remember renting the original on VHS from a local mom & pop video rental place when it first came out.  I was intrigued by the box art and the synopsis on the back.  I remember watching it and kinda digging it, but by the end I was trying to figure out what the hell I just saw.  I wasn't sure I liked it at first.  Then I watched it again and loved the hell out of it.  Been a fan ever since.  Curious as to whether or not doing a sequel to it now is a good idea or if it will even be any good.

- james may - 01-25-2011

It'll probably be released before the Dylan Dog movie is.

- s.d. bob plissken - 09-08-2011

Has anyone heard anything recently about this or Soavi's Treasure of Pompeii (with Nic Cage)?  Just curious.

Soavi has mentioned quite a few films that he wants to make over the past couple years (Catacombs Club, Meridian Demons, The Iron Crown etc.), so I hope these don't fall by the wayside like those have.