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- moltisanti - 02-26-2016

What's the opinion of doing a draft from a single year?

- fraid uh noman - 02-26-2016

AThat seems spread too thin..

- moltisanti - 02-26-2016

But that would be part of the fun. Realizing your best option truly is SPACE CAMP.

- fraid uh noman - 02-26-2016

AWell, if 1986 is the year you had in mind it might be doable..

- Judas Booth - 02-26-2016


- fraid uh noman - 02-26-2016

A[quote name="Judas Booth" url="/community/t/147438/ideas-for-future-drafts/360#post_4023671"]1939
I'm out haha..

- hammerhead - 02-26-2016


- arjen rudd - 02-26-2016

ASingle year draft sounds amazing.

- fraid uh noman - 02-26-2016

AThe 80s would be a fucking bloodbath. Everybody could probably be allowed 25 picks apiece and we STILL wouldn't be scraping the bottom of the barrel..

- hammerhead - 02-26-2016


Originally Posted by Arjen Rudd View Post

Single year draft sounds amazing.

With this level of competition it's almost necessary.

- dilla7 - 02-26-2016

A1987 1988 1989
Or even 1984 1985
We could do something in the 1970's

- hammerhead - 02-26-2016

Just because we didn't mention the other years first doesn't mean we don't love them too Smile

- turingmachine75 - 02-26-2016

AA single year draft sounds like a hell of a challenge.

- henry d - 02-26-2016

AI'd rather do a mid-2010's draft. I think the lists could be more diverse and personal instead of having three or four "best of the 40's" list in one draft (not it would a bad thing.)

- Fat Elvis - 02-26-2016

A mid-2010's draft would get the most participants, and would be fun and fascinating.

- axelbratoski - 02-26-2016

Count me in for the mid-2010s. Single year sounds a lot of fun though.

- hammerhead - 02-26-2016

I'm cool with whatever, as long as we do 1940s eventually.

- eviltwin - 02-26-2016

AWe've done action sequences. How about comedy sequences?

- fraid uh noman - 02-26-2016

AWorst scenes in good movies or best scenes in bad movies..

- JMurdoch - 04-22-2016

I've been toying with the idea of a US Presidents in film knockout.  It being an election year and all.  Both fictional presidents, and portrayals of real life presidents.  I could probably narrow a list down to 30-40 roles to start.

- arjen rudd - 04-23-2016

AI really like that. Do it!

- JMurdoch - 04-23-2016

ACool. I'll work on putting together a list, then the forum can make suggestions on any I left out. I'll have the final ballot up after the Leo knockout.

- anyawatchin angel - 04-26-2016

Idiocracy gets first and it's a fight for the next 2 spots

- Judas Booth - 04-26-2016


Originally Posted by Anyawatchin Angel View Post

Idiocracy gets first and it's a fight for the next 2 spots

I hate THE FIFTH ELEMENT with a passion, but I like Tiny Lister as the President of Earth in it.

- JMurdoch - 04-26-2016

AI was going to limit it to US Presidents only, but President of Earth is close enough.

- huntertarantino - 04-28-2016

Dumb me posted already, but how about a Michael Keaton knockout?

- capt renault - 04-29-2016

So we have two knockouts ready to go, and this is way early, but would anyone care for a Nicolas Cage knockout after those two are done?

I think there's a lot of great films and directors that would be represented - David Lynch, Martin Scorsese, Spike Jonze, John Woo, Coen Bros, Brain De Palma, Ridley Scott, Andrew Niccol, Matthew Vaughn, Oliver Stone, Francis Ford Coppola, Werner Herzog ... and so on. It might take a few days to trudge through his misfires and recent straight to dvd output, but the top twenty should be worth it.

- henry d - 04-29-2016

APersonally I'd rather do a draft after the knockouts, especially the mid-2010s one. I think we could get some interesting lists and discussion out of that one and maybe draw in some new people.

- moltisanti - 04-29-2016

Cage would be great, whether soon or after a draft. I'd say skip a lot of the more recent DTV stuff. What happens with those films is they end up hanging around way too long because nobody has seen them (though I've seen a lot of them).

FROZEN GROUND was a decent one and worth including, but of the last couple years of his DTV output that's it.

- schwartz - 04-29-2016

How about Franchises for the next draft?

- capt renault - 04-29-2016

I guess a Draft of some kind would make more sense after... 4 knockouts in a row. But then Cage!

- Judas Booth - 04-29-2016

We're due for another casting draft.  If everyone's up for that, I have an idea for something that could be good: A FISH CALLED WANDA

- hammerhead - 04-29-2016

Ooh, I could totally work with that one.

- arjen rudd - 04-29-2016

AI'd enjoy a Castin draft as well. I still want to do Star Wars.

- Judas Booth - 04-29-2016


Originally Posted by Arjen Rudd View Post

I'd enjoy a Castin draft as well. I still want to do Star Wars.

Too bad we didn't do that in December.  Regardless, I'd be up for that as well.